Fernandes Ravelle Elite Guitar With Sustainer

Fernandes Ravelle Elite

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The Fernandes Ravelle Elite guitar with Sustainer; can you say EBow?

Fernandes Ravelle Elite
Fernandes Ravelle Elite - Click to Enlarge

The Ravelle Elite guitar from Fernandes features the company’s patented “Sustainer System,” a pick-up that keeps strings vibrating continuously, much like a hand held EBow.

The Sustainer generates endless feedback for boundless creative possibilities.

Venom’s Rage, Dave Navarro and Death by Stereo

What does Venom guitarist Rage, electric six-string extraordinaire Dave Navarro and Death by Stereo’s hardcore punkster Dan Palmer have in common?

They have all been known to use a Fernandes Ravelle Elite guitar at one time or another in their careers.

The Ravelle Elite is easily recognizable and aesthetically superb, its sound capabilities are incomparable. If the Seymour Duncan at the bridge isn’t enough there’s a Fernandes Sustainer pick-up in the neck that renders this a fully imaginative instrument.

The Sustainer

No, the Sustainer isn’t a new cable TV detective series or a hard nosed defenseman from the National Hockey League. Made by Fernandes, the Sustainer is a patented guitar pick-up that vibrates a guitar string, once it is picked or plucked, to produce never ending feedback. If the possibilities are not clear, think about the legendary Jimi Hendrix, who famously transformed the use of feedback into an original contemporary art form.

All Fernandes models do not have the same imaginative potential as the Ravelle Elite. The company’s website points out, “The Elite is loaded with a Seymour Duncan JB in the bridge position, Fernandes Sustainer in the neck to bring endless possibilities to your sound.”

The EBow’s cousin

Unlike a fixed pick-up, an EBow is a small hand held device. When placed over guitar stings at different positions, the EBow causes protracted vibrations that resemble a bowed instrument.

In either the Sustainer System or the EBow, string vibration and corresponding harmonics are unrestricted and clean; imagine an artist’s palette loaded up with paint before it goes on a blank canvass.

Specs on the Ravelle Elite

The top, constructed of Canadian quilted maple, is matched with a mahogany back. The set neck, also mahogany, has a 14″ radius, 22 frets and abalone inlays. There’s a Graphtech nut, lock type tuners, Tune-o-matic Bridge and a stop tailpiece. A three-way toggle switch and an on/off for the Sustainer, one volume and one tone make up the controls.

Let’s throw in dazzling looks

Fernandes, in business since 1969, when it started out making acoustic guitars, has come up with an original shape and design. The pointed lower bout, body binding and asymmetrical profile says it’s a Fernandes. The Ravelle Elite comes in three stunning finishes, Black Cherry, See-Thru Black and Cherry Sunburst.

The price

Be prepared to pay $999 USD online.

Sonically, the Fernandes Ravelle Elite can take players to places previously unknown.

If only Jimi Hendrix was still around to give it a try.


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