Five Guitars MacGyver Would Love

Castrol Guitar

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If you’ve ever wondered how things work behind the scenes here at Guitar-Muse allow me to alleviate a bit of the confusion.  Usually the Overseer and I brainstorm together on ideas.  By that I mean I make suggestions and pat myself on the back for a job well done and while he’s making suggestions I just sorta let my mind wander.  Last time we brainstormed my mind wandered straight to MacGyver.  And that gave me an idea.

Five guitars that MacGyver would love.

Ok, so that’s not exactly how the idea came about, but since I’ve already written the first paragraph it’s as good as factual history now.  So onward to the content.

Castrol Guitar
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Castrol brand motor oil is no stranger to MacGyverisms as can be seen here with this guitar fashioned out of a can of motor oil. There have actually been a lot of these things, though I chose this particular one because it looked the prettiest. It even has pickup covers built of an extra can. Either that or they came from the backside of this one.

So next time you’re getting your oil changed you can snatch a container from the trash can and whip up a nifty little git-box to keep yourself amused while you wait. Heck I’ll bet you’d keep everyone entertained if you were able to put one of these together in an auto shop waiting room.


Home Made Diddley Bow Electric Slide Guitar
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A Plank of Wood

Now this is a true MacGyvered guitar here.  A plank of wood with the electronics screwed on and a bottle acting as the bridge.

The person in this picture stopped at one string, for some reason, but I’m sure any craftsman could make a full six strings happen.  It might be a bit tricky keeping everyting in tune, but where there’s a will there’s a way to MacGyver your way past anything.


Organum Insolitus Guitar
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Organum Insolitus

This guitar looks like it was built in the cabinet under Mac’s kitchen sink with a few trinkets he pulled out of his television and clock.  But hey.  At least we know if Mac were in a jam so tight he couldn’t break out he could put together scraps laying around to make something he could jam on.

Built by Mark Dalzell


Toilet Seat Guitar
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Toilet Seat Guitar

Sometimes platic explosives aren’t the only bombs that need disabling and in explosive cases more relative to something like this I doubt anyone would want to attempt disarming with a puny paperclip.  On the plus side you could make some melodies to go along with all those charming, percussive sounds.

Built by Hugh Manson.


Guitar Paper Clips
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The Paperclip Guitar

Ok, so yeah, it’s not really a guitar in the traditional sense, but we all know what Mac is capable of when he’s armed with one of these seemingly innocent, little, folded wires.

Just think about how stylish Mac would look as he hot wired a car or disarmed nuclear bomb as it was falling with one of these.  Bonus points for being the only guitar he can carry in bulk in his back pocket into any situation.



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