From Muskmesse 2012: Vox JamVox III

Vox JamVox III

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Vox JamVox III

Vox JamVox III
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VOX’s newest installment in their line of amp and effect modeling software has been introduced, the JamVOX III stand-alone software, at Muskmesse 2012. Loaded with a refined interface and VOX’s Guitar XTraktion technology the JamVOX III is designed to permit the guitarist to capitalize on learning, recording, and performing.

JamVOX III Features

JamVOX is entirely software based and it gives the user 57 different effects modeled after history’s most prominent effect pedals spanning 18 different types of effects including wah, compression, modulation, delay, reverb, and distortion. Also modeled are 19 amp models with 12 speaker cabinet models. All of which can be added and removed or mixed all around in your digital chain by dragging and dropping in the interface. Speaking of the interface it’s been updated to permit a full-screen mode because how much bigger something is is always directly proportionate to how much better something is. It’s a fact.

Guitar XTraktion

The Guitar XTraktion feature permits the users to cancel and isolate specific tracks and/or instruments and it’s been refined with the GXT III engine developed to analyze songs and develop a more natural tone. Having access to JamVOX-Online you can skim through the internet and download GXT III settings from other users as well.

Elaborating on the GXT III engine it allows you to specify specific frequencies and phases to specify instruments, remove them, and play along with, or transcribe a specific piece by ear. Included as well are tempo controls letting you speed up or slow down a song without affecting pitch and tonality. Adding to the ability to jam and record with your songs is an auto-change function that switches between settings for you at desgnated points in the song.

Movie Recording

Another nifty feature included in JamVOX III is the ability to record movies. All you’ll need is a webcam which is predictably not included. With that you can observe your guitar playing from the third person and critique to no end as well as upload your videos online for guitarists the world around to see.

If you’ve ever found yourself sick and tired of that “hold record, hit play” crap you can safely do away with that. There is a designated record button separate from the designated play button. Hit the record button and it starts recording. Simple.

Plug-In Support

While the JamVOX III is a stand-alone program it can be used as a VST or an AU plug-in allowing you to put it into your preferred DAW (digital audio workstation).

JamVOX III is also available for both Mac and PC.

How Does It Compare?

While it doesn’t go above and beyond previous versions of the JamVOX in terms of the number of amp models or effects available it largely seeks to improve on usability. A refined interface that can go full-screen and is handled in a drag and drop fashion as well as the ability to record videos to share online and the GXT III engine that isolates instruments giving guitarists new perspective on various songs really sets it apart from earlier versions.

If you already have JamVOX updates are free. If you don’t then it can be purchased on for $99.99. As of this writing it’s temporarily available until May 31, 2012 for $49.99.

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