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Walker Guitar
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One of the things that I love in a guitar is versatility, being able to do more than what is expected. You pick up a Fender Strat, you know what you’re going to get. Put a Les Paul in your hands and there is no surprise to what it is going to sound like. Don’t expect that with the Walker guitar which is built in Orlando, FL by Guy Walker who is an accomplished guitarist, composer, producer and writer. He has been working on building a very unique guitar that really should grab some attention. Here is an interview that I recently had with Guy Walker about the Walker guitar.

CK: When did you decide to build your first prototype and what was the motivating factor?

I started my company in 1994 with motivation to build a guitar that would cover all the sounds of a Strat, Tele, and Les Paul all in one and do it convincingly. At the time I only had one guitar and when I went to do sessions it would not cover all the bases. Instead of going out and buying all the guitars needed to cover all the typical sounds I decided to start prototyping my Walker guitar.

CK: What are some features that make a Walker guitar unique from others?

The Walker is similar to a Strat style guitar in shape and playability. The necks are a cross between a Strat and an Ibanez. Thin and somewhat tradition with a 12″ radius making it more modern. Unique characteristics would be the instant feel of a played guitar. Electronically you can get any combination of any pickups. I’m doing none traditional bridge application at this time. Not the typical bridge found on a similar style guitar. One more unique thing right now is every Walker is a one off. I’m not mass producing at the time so everyone is unique in that their shapes may vary a bit here. I’ve been playing guitar for a long time and I make these guitars as if I was going to be playing them. Not generic at all.

CK:  What is the order process to purchase one of your guitars?

Still in sort of a prototype mode the ordering process is contact me and we’ll see what I have for sale at the moment. I am able to build on request if I have nothing in stock.

CK: Are all of the guitars built custom order, whereas the customer sits down and selects what they want, or do you build them and do changes according to the customer’s request?

At this time the custom built thing is sort of a part of what I do already. I’m not taking requests at this time though. I’m perfecting what I have to sell what I feel is a good all-around guitar. I use passive electronics so if someone wanted a specific brand of pickups in the guitar I could do that. Seymour Duncan is what I’m using as a standard install. For the sounds the guitar is getting the Duncans are perfect for the application.

CK:  What is the average price for one of your guitars?

The ultimate Walker guitar has a list price of $3000. Selling prices are available on request.  I will be offering a more budget minded model in the future.

CK: What are some special options that can be chosen at the customer’s request?

Because these are made as one offs you can order a specific color. Different body styles will be available in the future as well.

CK: Who is your target market (i.e. studio musicians, professional stage musicians, shooting for the stars, etc.)

Target market is anyone looking for a versatile guitar whether it be a pro or a week end player, to a session player.

CK: How do you stand behind your product to keep a customer satisfied? (Warranty, customer service, etc.)

No curves here. If it’s a manufacturer defect I’ll fix it for a year. Any changes made or damage incurred to the guitar made by the purchaser and renders the guitar to not function or function improperly is not covered under the warranty.

CK:  Anything else that you want to tell us about the guitar?

There are so many great guitars on the market right now. The Walker guitar is a guitar that you’ll like because of its playability and versatility. It’s plain and simple. When I pick up a guitar I’m thinking about buying? I know if it’s mine right away. That’s what I want my guitars to do to the player picking it up. Know it’s yours!

Thanks to Mr. Walker for taking the time to answer our questions, it is much appreciated. Taking the time to put the quality and care into building a guitar is something that means a lot when buying a new guitar. As for me, I am looking forward to an opportunity to play a walker and maybe own one in the future. When I’m old and gray, and you hear me yell “Get Me My Walker”, it won’t be because I need help getting around!

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