Gibson 75th Anniversary J-200 M Trophy Acoustic

Gibson J-200m Trophy

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What’s all of This Anniversary Hubbub About?

Raise your hand if you remember 1937. I see most of us have our hands down. That means the impending release of Gibson’s 75th anniversary J-200 M acoustic is probably good news. A model that has survived a test of time only my grandparents can rival, the new release of the J-200 will offer us young whipper snappers a chance to bask in the awe and wondrous aura of the sound and power of decades since passed, and for our older readers this could pose as a walk in the park with nostalgia.

Gibson J-200m TrophyThe J-200 M and Every Facet of Its Very Being

75 years in the making, by now Gibson should have the design for the J-200 down to a science. The body is built using a quilted maple back and sides with a sitka spruce top. It boasts a maple neck as thick as its sound with a rosewood fretboard flaunting its abalone crown inlays like it owns the place.

When Can I Get One and What Will It Cost Me?

As I had mentioned earlier the J-200 M isn’t exactly ready for harvesting yet. We still have a few months yet to wait. The scheduled date for release is August 20, 2012 and it will be ripe for the picking for a mere $6,649. Yeah, by now we should be praising the stars for financing deals.

Since moustaches will never go out of style the J-200 M uses a rosewood Moustache bridge with abalone bars to twirl while tying a hapless damsel in distress to a railroad track like the 1960s villain that it is. She was probably trying to get her grimy mitts on the J-200’s gold Gotoh tuners and while the retaliation may have been a bit extreme who wouldn’t want a set of tuners like those?

To give you, the consumer, as much power to decide what is best for you as possible you can pick any finish you want between antique natural and vintage sunburst. Any finish at all provided it’s one of those two.

A Bit More History on The J-200

Gibson J-200m TrophyHere we have a guitar model on our hands that’s been around forever and the justification for issuing a 75th anniversary model didn’t come from scraping the bottom of the barrel for something to redistribute. The J-200 was one of those models that helped shape the future of sound in rock, country, the blues, you name it, having been used by the likes of Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan, Jimmy Page, The Edge, Pete Townshend, George Harrison, and pretty much anyone else that could get their hands on one.

When it first came out people wanted it. Hell they still do. That’s why we’re where we are now. Even during the circumstances of the great depression the J-200 (then called the SJ-200) had remained in demand, though Gibson did need to adapt to the circumstances at the time. And now this year marks the 75th anniversary of their flagship acoustic model.

Hip hip hooray.

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