Gibson Alex Lifeson Axcess Les Paul

Gibson Alex Lifeson Axcess Les Paul

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Gibson Alex Lifeson Axcess Les Paul
Gibson Alex Lifeson Axcess Les Paul

Todays guitar of the day is not something that you will likely find yourself playing anytime soon, due to its price ($6,115) and the fact that it is not yet available, but it sure is fun to look at!

The features that come in The Alex Lifeson Axcess Les Paul are pretty amazing as well.

The first thing you notice is a Floyd Rose – something that some feel the Les Paul has needed since the Floyd Rose was invented.

The neck joint – where the neck meets the body has been sculpted for comfort and easier access top the higher frets than the other Les Pauls.

Where the Axcess – and especially Alex’s Axcess really shines is in the electronics.

Starting with the pickups – the Alex Lifeson Axcess comes with a 496R at the neck position for higher output than a standard Les Paul neck pickup, and a 498T at the bridge which is wound a few more times to provide an even hotter sound.

The bridge is also equipped with a GraphTech Ghost® piezo bridge saddle pickups, which have their own volume control.

Just like the Les Pauls we are used to, there is a volume control for each pickup, but what makes this one different is the push/pull switch, which allows you to choose between series and parallel wiring.

There are two output jacks, the regular one carries out the signal from the humbuckers as well as the piezo sound, if you’ve only got a cord plugged into that one. If you plug another cord into the “Life-O-Sound” jack, things change. Your regular jack is now only carrying the signal from the humbuckers, and the Life-O-Sound jack is now carrying the piezo only signal, so you can send them to different places in your recording or live environment.

While you can get some of these features (the Floyd Rose, push pull volumes, etc.) in the regular Axcess, the Alex Lifeson Axcess takes all of it a step further.

You can also get it signed by Alex, for roughly $3000 more.

If you’re like me and cant really afford the 6G’s to bring Alex’s version home, zZounds is carrying the regular Axcess model, in gun metal gray.

You can read up on some more .. regular Gibsons we have featured here.

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