Gibson Anniversary Les Paul Flood Guitar – Green

Gibson Anniversary Les Paul Flood Guitar

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Gibson Anniversary Les Paul Flood Guitar
Gibson Anniversary Les Paul Flood Guitar

In may of 2010, Nashville, a great city known for great music was submerged under water.

There wasn’t much news attention given to the event due to a car bomb attempt in Times Square, and the huge oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Gibson’s Nashville factory was at the heart of this tragedy, sustaining millions in damage.

Presuming you are a guitar player, you probably heard about it, and saw some images like the one at right.

Gibson Nashville Flood 2010
Gibson 2010 Flood Damage – Click to Enlarge

With all the loss, Gibson came through it all with a great attitude and was manufacturing guitars again as the facilities were being repaired.

Gibson also participated in many charities, fundraiser concerts, and other efforts to aid the victims of the Nashville floods.

When the floodwaters finally receded and Gibson looked back to their own home, they noticed something interesting had happened in the finishing department.
55 Gallon drums of laquer had spilled on the floors and left some pretty interesting designs.

Nashville Flood 2010 Gibson Floor Patterns
Nashville Flood 2010 Gibson Floor Patterns – Click to Enlarge

This was the inspiration for this guitar – the Gibson Flood Les Paul.

She’s still maple on mahogany, 490R Humbucker at the neck, and a 498T at the bridge, Tune-o-Matic Bridge – a Les Paul at heart.

Her paint just tells a story that Nashville will never forget – nor will the musicians like Keith Urban, Vince Gill, and Brad Paisley, who all lost precious instruments in the flood.

“Things like this make you really take stock in what you’re given.” Paisley told the Associated Press.

Gibson took stock in what they had, and moved on at the Nashville factory, and they also took some inspiration from this unfavorable event, and came out with this stunning guitar.


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James Anthony
11 years ago

I was on holiday in Memphis on August 8th and took the Gibson factory tour.At the end of it I bought this guitar as a keepsake.Very impressed with the way they are made and sound and the people at th Gibson where very nice to deal with..I hope it holds its value for years to come.Cheers

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