Gibson Gary Moore Signature Les Paul

Gibson Gary Moore Les Paul

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On Gary Moore

Once upon a time there was a guitarist named Gary Moore. The Irish-born singer and guitarist who had begun his career as a musician at the ripe young age of 16, with but a couple of years experience in playing the guitar. His career led to 20 studio albums, 8 live albums, 8 DVDs, and notable work with Skid Row, Thin Lizzy, Greg Lake, Phil Lynott, Colosseum II, and BBM. Then 2011 rolled around when a heart attack would claim Moore’s life, though his legacy still prevails to date.

Gibson honors the memory of the great Gary Moore with the signature Gary Moore Les Paul.

The Guitar

Gibson Gary Moore Les Paul
Gibson Gary Moore Les Paul

The signature Gary Moore Les Paul features Gibson’s trademark mahogany build, stylized with a figured grade-AA maple top, and topped off with a rounded 50s mahogany neck and a granadillo fretboard. Granadillo, a slightly denser rosewood alternative, features acrylic trapezoid inlays, and turns its fret count up to 11 twice over. That’s 22 frets for those that don’t want to do any math.

This guitar is available in a shimmering Lemon Burst much like some of the Les Pauls Moore has been known to play.

The Electronics

The Gary Moore uses a pair of BurstBucker Pro humbuckers in both the neck and bridge positions. Garnering Gibson’s PAF style humbuckers with enough sonic flexability for modern tonal demands. The Burstbuckers are Alnico V magnets wound with 42 AWG wire; the bridge has a few extra turns to get a hotter lead signal, and the neck pickup is reverse-mounted. Both are wax-potted to prevent unwanted microphonic squealing from high volume levels.

This signature git-box adheres to tradition with its control layout. It uses Orange Drop tone capacitors, and mismatched amber and gold top hat knobs for the designated tone and volume knobs, and the three way selector switch.

The Hardware and Other Stuff

This guitar uses a TonePros Tune-o-matic bridge and a stopbar tailpiece with locking mounting hardware that goes with the TonePros Kluson green-key tuners. Top notch gear. Purchasing the Gary Moore Les Paul will get a vintage brown Gibson hardshell case branded with Gary Moore’s signature, and small collection of alluring reading material including: an owner’s manual, adjustment guides, and documentation of Gibson’s Limited Lifetime Warranty. It’s all literature perfect for elongated bouts upon the porcelain throne or unwinding time spent cuddled in front of the fireplace. Move over 50 Shades of Grey.

Gibson’s MSRP for this Les Paul is $3,582.

Closing Thoughts on Gary Moore

Gary Moore, in his 58 years on earth, was fortunate enough to be one of those musicians that changed the way we see music. Fortunately for us his music still lives on.

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