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Gibson SG Diablo Blue

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Gibson’s Diabolical Guitars

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Trans Black
Gibson SG Diablo Trans Black

Manhattan Midnight
Gibson SG Diablo Blue

Iced Tea
Gibson SG Diablo

Gibson has, with haste, unveiled the newest line of SG model guitars that do their bidding with the prince of darkness… or at least the Spanish prince of darkness. Gibson presents the SG Diablo Premium Plus. Here is a guitar that follows closely to the style and design of the SG that has become a staple to the guitar industry since the 60s, but with enough unique features to keep it from feeling like another run of the mill rehashing of other models since passed.

The Specifications

The Wood and Finish

The SG has been known for decades to endorse mahogany and the Diablo Premiums are no different. The pick guard-free body is sculpted just as any other model with mahogany as the designated wood, but features a carved maple top to add depth and contour to the otherwise thin and flat SG body design.

The mahogany doesn’t stop at just the body though. The neck too is carved down to a slim and rounded neck with a matching grade mahogany neck. And to show how far into the dark side Gibson has gone, they’ve broken their traditional fretboard convention by adding a full 24-fret rosewood fretboard.

For what it’s worth it’s still a set neck and the fretboard features their stylish trapezoid inlays, so it’s not like they’ve just pitched everything they do out the window.

The Diablo Premium Plus SG is available in three different transparent finishes. The available finishes include a traditional transparent black, a Manhattan midnight blue, and an iced tea burst finish, each of which is complimented by the natural maple flaming.

The Hardware

When it comes down to the bits and pieces that hold the guitar together this is perhaps the department that features the fewest deviations from Gibson’s preferred style. The bridge is a TonePros tune-o-matic bridge with a TonePros stopbar tailpiece, the tuners are Grover loking tuners that boast an 18:1 tuning ratio, and the nut is of PLEK-cut Corian design. All hardware is chrome.

The Electronics

The Diablo Premiums use rather simple and down to the point controls. They have one master volume knob, one master tone knob, and one three-way switch. The output jack has been moved from the front of the body down to the lower side.

The Diablo uses a pair of Burstbucker Pro humbuckers with a Lead in the bridge position and a rhythm in the neck position. The humbuckers are wax potted and made with Alnico V magnets wound with enamel-coated 42 AWG wire.

Pricing and Additional Info

Currently Gibson has yet to divulge when the new Diablo Premiums will be available, and all they’ve released in the way of pricing is the MSRP price of $2,499. The purchasing of the guitar will include a Diablo hardshell case, a truss rod tool made to fit with Gibson’s rather unique truss rod design, and all the fine reading material you buy guitars for.

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