Gibson Wood Update: Feds Won’t Go After Guitar Owners

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Owners Of Wood Rejoice

gibson.comWe’ve got good news and we’ve got crummy news.

We’ll start with the crummy news because I much prefer ending on a good note, and because there isn’t much to say on the crummy side, so here goes.

The meeting between Henry Juszkiewicz representing Gibson and the feds has been postponed.  The specifics on why haven’t really been announced, so there isn’t really even elbow room to jump to conclusions on that one.

The good news? If you happen to have purchased a Gibson guitar then you don’t have to worry about prosecution.

Without getting too political jargoney it’s been made clear in a letter from Assistant Attorney General Ronald Weich and the director of legislative affairs at the Interior Department Christopher J. Mansour that anyone in possession of an instrument made of illegal wood is safe, so no stops at airports, no confiscations, nothing.

As they had assessed the situation with the notion of practicality they concluded that people wouldn’t have known one way or another when purchasing, so they should be let off the hook.

The overall opinion of that decision has been favorable, and not just by Gibson owners, but even a number of politicians that even think that Gibson should be excused for not being any more informed than the customers.

In the meantime the Lacey Act is under review with the consideration of updating it so that Gibson and any other company that has similar wood importing methods won’t get caught between such a rock and a hard place.  Of course political decisions can’t go over that easy.  Some people, like Jameson French, think that the Lacey Act is working just fine as it is, so what the end will yield, who knows?


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