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EHX Super Ego

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Superego Contest Giveaway Thing

EHX Super EgoYou know what would be really awesome right about now? The opportunity to get some hip new chunk of guitar gear without paying so much as a penny for it. Oh wait. What have we here? Why we just happen to have an EHX Super Ego pedal. It certainly is new, but can you get it for free? What a coincidence. You can.

As of September 1st the stars have aligned as prophesied and so we have initiated the sacred ritual of the giveaway. Now begins the recruiting process so that why might sacrifice our possession of the Superego unto a fortunate individual.

Side effects of the ritual completion may include someone being able to bend their tone to their will in previously unimaginable ways as well as the rise of an archaic lost city sunken at the Pacific pole of inaccessibility (and we cannot be held responsible for what chaos comes crawling out of those cyclopean architectures).

The Superego Only Spoke Of In Legends

The EHX Superego is described as a synth engine. In short it can be used in a similar fashion to EHX’s Freeze pedal to sustain tones and chords so you can jam over them. With a bit of tweaking you can give it a more progressive synth-like sound or keep it more natural if you so choose.

Should you desire greater details as well as a video explanation and demonstration of the Superego then check out our review on it by Dave Willard. It kicks ass and has the power to make you better as a person just by witnessing it.

The Rites of the Giveaway

Procedures of Initiation (How To Enter To Win)

The rules are simple. If you’re signed up for our newsletter then you are good to go, ready to rock, armed and dangerous, and awaiting the final verdict. If you’re not signed up to receive our newsletter yet then direct your attention to the right of this article where it says “Stay In Touch!” and click to sign up for the newsletter there. Or just click right here. After that it’s just a matter of filling in your email address and firing off the subscription. Upon doing that you have assumed a role similar to those that had already subscribed. Congratulations. You now have a chance to win an EHX Superego pedal.

The Giveaway Ritual’s Deadline

As mentioned before September 1st marks the beginning of the giveaway. The stars have aligned and they will stay in line up through September 20th, so if you haven’t already enter in and submit your destiny to the laws of probability.

How Guitar-Muse Handles Subscribers’ Information

We adhere strongly to the ideologies of respecting everyone’s personal information (this doesn’t include the emails we get from those guys with the magic pills that… add an inch or two). All your email address gets used for is our newsletter. No spam and certainly no handing out to any companies or organizations. and Electro-Harmonix will be the only two companies who will add you to their newsletter.

With that let the giveaway begin. Good luck to the whole lot of you.

While we have promoted this giveaway on Facebook, the giveaway is not endorsed, or run by Facebook in any way. By signing up you agree that you understand that, and that you release Facebook from any responsibility for the giveaway. To enter you are providing and EHX your email  – and not Facebook. Facebook doesn’t want to be associated with any contests or giveaways and they are not a part of this one.

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Tim Seneca
Tim Seneca
10 years ago

Wow! This would really help expand my sounds.

Bruce Fontaine
Bruce Fontaine
10 years ago

This would be great to have.

El Jansen
El Jansen
10 years ago

My ego wishes to receive Superego asap…:-)

Brad Schlievert
Brad Schlievert
10 years ago

plz o plz!!!

10 years ago

Oh i so need this one right now!!!

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