Great Gifts For Guitarists Under $100

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Inexpensive Gifts For Guitarists

It’s getting down to the crunch, and there are only a few weeks left to shop for Christmas gifts. If you are still looking for some great gift ideas for the guitar players on your gift list, there are all kinds of terrific items you can find. Don’t worry if you are on a tight budget. Most of us are these days, so we have come up with some great ideas for guitar players of all levels that will cost less than $100.

Gifts for Players of All Skill Levels

Whether someone is a beginner or an advanced guitar player, they need to have good gear, which of course always makes good gifts. One gift idea that is perfect for beginners, as well as intermediate and advanced players, is a good set of guitar strings. Find out what type of strings they use, and then pick them up at any music store. You can usually get a good set of strings for less than $10, and if you go online you can order them in bulk and get six or more sets for less than $20. Some other great gift ideas for guitar players include:


It gets pretty uncomfortable holding a guitar after a while, and it is nearly impossible to hold one without a strap if you are standing up. You can find straps made out of a variety of materials, including leather, suede and poly-urethane, and choose from single colors to straps with really cool designs. Most straps range in price from $20-$100.

Gig Bags and Cases

If the person you are shopping for has a guitar but no case, you can get some great deals on vinyl gig bags, which tend to range in price from $20-$60 for a decent quality bag. You may also want to consider buying a hard shell case. You can get a pretty decent case ranging in price from $60-$100. One thing to remember here is to know what type of guitar he or she uses so you get a case that fits.

Effects Pedals

These may not be ideal gifts for beginners, but advanced and intermediate players will really appreciate receiving effects pedals. While some pedals can get pretty pricey, you can find good distortion and other pedals priced below $75. Boss is a good brand to buy. They offer quality pedals at reasonable prices.
Blank Sheet Music – Having plenty of blank sheet music is important for any guitar player. Try to find out if the person you are buying for reads music or tablature so you are sure to get the right type.

Don’t Forget the Stocking Stuffers

There are also all kinds of little things that guitar players always need that make awesome stocking stuffers and don’t cost a lot of money. Picks are always a great option, and they are relatively inexpensive. A capo is another good idea. Most guitar players are always in need of extra patch cords, which will fit nicely into a stocking and cost less than $20.
No matter what items you choose, when you buy your guitar-playing loved ones gear for Christmas, you can never go wrong.

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