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Richard Gere

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Richard Gere
Richard Gere

Richard Gere To Auction Guitars & Amps

So how many people even knew that Richard Gere played the guitar?  Well I do starting right now.

The famed actor who starred in such classics as Mothman Prophecies (everyone else has cited his good movies, so there), is apparently a big guitar enthusiast for vintage American guitars and gear.

Bolstering a vast collection that he had inadvertently put together over the years as he just bought them here and there, he’s auctioning 110 guitars away as well as a heafty collection of amps.  All of this is set to happen come October 11th.  There will be a crapload of guitars auctioned off, some of which are probably going to reel in a lofty sum.

One is a 1958 Gibson Flying V which would have been among the first Vs ever produced, predating the near-decade long hiatus the V had before having a second wind, and to add the proverbial cherry on top it was formerly owned by Albert King. Also auctioned off will be a C.F. Martin D-28 from 1931.

Additionally there are a crapload of Kalamazoo Gibsons (acoustic and electrics.  Solid bodies, semi-hollow, hollow, you name it), as well as a plethora of Fender Telecasters and Stratocasters.  Of course those are just the expected ones that any collector would have on tap.  He also has a lot of National-Valco guitars, dobros, a D’Angelico, and more.

In fact if I took the time to list off everything he’s got available then I’d likely never get this article done so how’s about I just point you to the Christie’s Auctioning web site where you can see everything he has with fully zoomable pictures?

Just click here.

As a bonus you all have a shot to bid online in case you have some deep pockets, an itch to spend, and can’t make it to New York to participate in person.

Elvis First Guitar
Elvis's First Guitar

Of course this isn’t for the simple cause of making an extra buck, but rather for philanthropy. Every cent is to go to the cause of humanitarianism.  We’re left with ambiguity on that one for the time being as near as I can tell Gere hasn’t cited any names in particular that will be benefiting.  Whatever it all goes towards it’s postulated that it will garner a solid $1 million.

And if you haven’t had enough of auctioned guitars, Elvis Presley’s first git-box is set to be auctioned off on the 24th.  That’s just a week from now and it will be held by big shot auctioneers Guernsey’s.  The guitar itself is a beaten up acoustic whose life is held together by the wonders of masking tape.  It’s more than obvious that it’s going to be purchased for its value as a conversation piece than it would be for its tone.  While not as sexy as Gere’s collection, I wouldn’t be surprised if it sold for more than a lot of his guitars.

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