Guitar Built In Tribute To 9/11 Victims

9-11 Tribute Guitar

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September 11 Tribute Guitar
September 11 Tribute Guitar - Click To Enlarge

With the 10th Anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks in the near future, it’s good to see news like this.

Thomas Wayne Felty and Don Bremmer of Northeast Grand Rapids, Michigan,  have built this beautiful acoustic guitar as a tribute to the 9/11 victims, specifically those of Flight 93, whose passengers fought to regain control of the craft once the hijacking was underway.

“I hope in our humble way we are not only honoring these 40 people, but the thousands of others who died that day,” Felty told, “I’m not a wordsmith, but I am a woodworker, It moved everybody. It touched everybody. It was such an incredible act of bravery.”

The neck is inlayed with the words “Let’s Roll”, which were spoken by Todd Beamer, as he encouraged nearby passengers to take on the terrorists.

The names of the 40 victims are engraved in the guitar.

“When you run your hand across here, you can feel it every one of those letters, you can feel every one of those names, and it makes it much more personal,” Felty said.

Felty (63) and Bremmer (52) spent over 100 hours working on the guitar. It is roughly the 90th guitar Felty has built to date.

Felty and Bremmer as looking for a good home for the guitar, specifically a museum.

“The goal is to do some good in the community for the families of 9/11,” Bremmer said.

If you’re in Michigan on 9/13/11 you can see the guitar, and possibly play it at the “Healing Field” event in Cannonsburg Ski Area, 6800 Cannonsburg Road NE, in Belmont, Mi.

9-11 Tribute Guitar
Let's Roll - The words spoken by passenger Todd Beamer


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