Guitar Lesson – Dissonant Intervals

Guitar Lesson Exercise 3

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This week we come to a conclusion in the interval trilogy as we cover all dissonant intervals.  The Minor and Major 2nds, 7ths, and the Diminished 5th.

In this episode I touch base on what separates these intervals from the rest, namely the sound and feel they naturally produce.  These intervals are, in my humbling opinion, in a sort of handle with care category.  They don’t naturally sound comfortable so using them can be a bit trickier.  The exercise is also a bit more cumbersome.  It’s a very similar formula to the previous exercises, but the locations of the notes from each root note is a little odd and the B string’s tuning certainly doesn’t do much to help.  Just take it easy and you should be ok.

Stay tuned next week where we’ll take an overall look at intervals as a whole.

Lesson 3 Tabs
Lesson 3 Tabs


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