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Guitar Lessons

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Guitar Lessons
Guitar Lessons




Welcome back, my friends.  Within this article I’m going to present an opportunity for three of you (our faithful readers) a chance to win 6 month memberships for Guitar, courtesy of Guitar  Within this video I go through the main pages of the website and discuss features that you can expect from both being a member and not being a member.

This contest has ended.

You will want to watch this in full screen mode to see all of the pages!

The video mentions TWO 6 month memberships being given away – it has been increased to THREE!

Guitar has, to say the least, more content than you can shake a stick at.

The front page highlights all the newest videos up at the top as well as some featured content which will highlight contests, collaborations, lessons, and in this case the newly added scale generator.
Deeper within the web site is their archive of video lessons posted to date found here,  as well as a new lick of the day video as seen here.

The video lessons are, unlike mine, short and to the point.  Even the lecture videos which are spoken by people who don’t speak English as a first language probably do a better job at just getting to the point (or at least don’t waste time trying to be funny) than I do.

Most videos, however, aren’t lectures, but rather more demonstrational and exercise oriented.  Though it is worth mentioning that you can commission some instructors for one on lessons and I believe you get that as a free service for four weeks with a membership.  Why’s that good?  Because nothing ever compares to one on one lessons.

And if all that gave you the burning sensation to join forces with Guitar Masterclass, yet you find it challenging to wait it out you can always quench your thirst here.

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