Guitar-Muse Lesson Page Reborn

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New Lesson Page – Awesomeness Ensues

In recent local news we’ve been hard at work revamping the lesson page to feature less suck and more awesome. And by “we” I mean GM Jameson did the work while I danced around my office like the Guitar-Muse court jester that I am.

Before it was all like “I’m just like any boring old blog page” and now it’s all like “my pectoral muscles are huge!” Seriously though. Now it’s manageable to move through and locate your favorite lessons, tips, and informational tidbits to aid you in shaping and sculpting your style and sound as you see fit. Isn’t that bad ass?

Before …

What was it like before? Ugh… do you really want to know? It was a list. Articles came in and they’d line up in a big list, dropping off as more and more showed up. Granted I like to think that since it was something we were doing it was as awesome as my rippling biceps by default, but compared to the new way that notion has diminished substantially if only because everything new we do is that exponentially better.

… And After

Now as you can see there’s an actual layout we’ve aspired for. It shows a greater sense of purpose. Hell it indicates it has purpose at all. Perhaps you’ve seen something similar to this… you know… on the home page of Guitar-Muse.

Everything you could possibly yearn to have at your disposal is neatly organized into five convenient categories that we literally spent X amount of time deliberating on the best way to give you what you want and what you need in the most sensible way. Ultimately we decided on delivering everything in the modules labeled “Beginners & Exercises”, “Rhythm & Technique”, “Scales & Chords”, “Composing & Theory”, and “Resources & Tips”.

Where Can I Find This Elusive Lessons Page?

Well there are a number of ways. You could start by clicking the button at the top of the page labeled “Lessons”. Sure it might seem self explanatory, but I don’t think anyone would rely on a source of directions that leaves things out because it deems something self explanatory.

Also as you scroll down to the lessons module on the home page you can click the “lessons” button right under the title, or you can just click here. Whatever works best for you. Try them all out. See which one you prefer.

The Future of Guitar-Muse

Redesigned pages are cool, sure, but don’t think we’re kicking back in the recliners now that we’ve got this taken care of. While I’m not at liberty to discuss specifics (were I to divulge that information Jameson would have to kill me) rest assured we have our sights set on the stars to maximize the Guitar-Muse experience.

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Kyle Smitchens

Kyle Smitchens is the Guitar-Muse Managing Editor, super hero extraordinaire, and all around great guy. He has been playing guitar since his late teens and writing personal biographies almost as long. An appreciator of all music, his biggest influences include Tchaikovsky, Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Steve Vai, Therion, and Jon Levasseur of Cryptopsy.

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