Guitar Stolen From George Clinton and P-Funk’s Tour Bus

George Clinton Stolen Guitar

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George Clinton Stolen Guitar
The Stolen Guitar

It’s just not cool when guitars get stolen, especially from the most funky tour bus in town on any given day.

That however is exactly what happened in Shelby County, TN., while George Clinton and P-Funk played the Soul Food Festival at Shelby Farms Saturday night.

The owner of the guitar, Shaunna Hall, hopped into the tour bus as the band was cleaning up after the gig, and the guitar was gone. Shaunna values the guitar at $5,000.

Now, if anyone sees or hears from this guitar, or someone tries to sell you the guitar, you’re encouraged to call the Shelby County Sheriffs Department.

Yeah, hit that link too if you want to see some bad-ass cops. Holy cow, they must really mean business up in Shelby County. In one of the pictures there is a TANK.

So – back to the guitar. Why would someone steal such a unique piece of equipment? How are they going to offload this? It’s “star” value is a bit offset by how hot it is.

Anyway, do the world of funk a favor and keep your eyes peeled for this one. If someone offers it to you call the po-po’s and help get it back for P-Funk. They might bring you out for a live show and after party that will change your life forever.

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Nicholas Tozier
Nicholas Tozier
11 years ago

It’s too bad that the guitar doesn’t have something we can identify it by, like a serial number or unusual appearance or something…

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