Guitar Strings Recorded With Iphone – Cool Video

Guitar Strings Recorded With Iphone

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Guitar Strings Recorded With Iphone
Guitar Strings Recorded With Iphone

And now for something completely useless

So this video pretty much fell in my lap just a few minutes ago.  Some dude dropped his iPhone into the sound hole of an acoustic and recorded himself playing from the inside.

Apparently there’s a real cut throat debate about whether or not the camera on the phone recorded that naturally or if it was done in after effects.  I don’t have an iPhone to test this out with nor do I have the eye for that sort of thing to say one way or another so you’ve got me.  Though given the apparent crack addiction that Apple products seem to have about them I imagine there are enough people out there that can test it out for themselves.

In fact I’ve actually read of a lot of people dropping their phones in their acoustics to test it out and each of them complained about not being able to get the phone out.  Apparently no one knew you could record from the outside of the guitar too.  Just saying.

Anyway, the video’s pretty cool.  Give it a look. If you think it’s neat you can silently mutter “cool” to yourself under your breath.  If you think it’s stupid you can make a chastising rebuke on Youtube.  God knows there’s a shortage of those there.


In theory if you really know your vibration patterns you could probably figure out which notes he’s playing by looking at how the strings vibrate, though it would probably be easier to just figure it out by ear.

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10 years ago

I tried this with my iPhone 3gs and Ovation. The strings do NOT resonate in waveforms, just wiggle back and forth as you see them from above when playing. Might be the resolution of the camera, the 4’s being better than the 3’s, but…

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