Guitars Have Spirit


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Sometimes our kids see things so much more simply than we do with our tendancy to seek out perfection and worry about every detail.

Here’s a little something my 11 yr. old daughter wrote up for all of you guitarists worrying about things like what kinds of cables to use, how to set your intonation, and other stressful stuff.

Rock on, Katie.


The Meaning of Guitars
There are many types of guitars, a Les Paul, the Stratocaster and thats just some of the many guitars in the musical universe! There is also a great deal of genres like bass, electric, and classical guitars.
In my opinion, i have to say that each guitar is different in its own way. The way its painted and tuned, how many strings it has, or even the shape makes all the difference!
Many people don’t see the beauty in guitars. They just think its a instrument with great sound and at highest they may think it has poise.
No, No, the guitar has much more, it has a spirit. It gives you that feeling to just play random cords and notes.
Yes. The guitar is an instrument, but, it also has its own unique side or personality that only a true music lover can see. So the next time some one says guitar is a ‘lovely’ or ‘pretty’ instrument tell them that its much more..

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