A Gallery Of Guitars Worth Staring At and Drooling

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Beautiful Guitars

Guitars have the potential to be the sexiest damn things a guy could come across, and some manufacturers have taken the art of making beautiful guitars to a whole new level that can only be properly showcased through a custom line. Guitars are nice in general, but there’s a tier of beauty that seems only accessible when you go straight to the custom level. When you look at the custom guitars you’re not looking at guitars designed to meet statistics of supply and demand. You’re looking at masterpieces custom made to meet the aesthetic needs of a few.

With that we present to you the gallery of custom guitars worth drooling over. Now stare at these and start drooling.

What Makes a Beautiful Guitar?

One of the easiest ways to make a guitar instantly gorgeous is transparent paint on a flamed or quilted maple top. That is a style that has become more and more prevalent among guitar designs and it’s showing no sign of going away any time soon, and why would we want it to? Just look at the PRS or those Stratocasters. The tasteful transparent paint, be it the lush dark teal of the PRS or the fiery finish on the Strat, with the maple tops are practically enough to make me go and get a new pair of boxer shorts let alone when it’s complimented by the natural wood.

Natural wood finishes like the spalted maple Telecaster have been integral in giving a guitar that visual zing that could make any man’s pants feel a size or two smaller. Maple has proven itself to be one of the most preferred woods to use to offer unique visual vibes to a guitar, probably because maple offers such a wide variety of appearances and they’re all beaming with vibrant fervor.

Let us not overlook the illustrious impressions one can get from simple, solid colors. Tak Matsumoto’s signature Gibson and the gold custom Jackson Warrior aren’t lovely because they have to be so over the top with their appearance. They’ve won our hearts over because they manage to be so eye catching yet so down to earth. Now that I’m on the spot I couldn’t really tell you why I hold the Tak Matsumoto signature in such high regard over any solid black factory Les Paul. I just sorta get a vibe from it. You know? It’s kind of one of those things where if you don’t already know you’re never going to know. At least that’s the explanation I’m sticking with.

Then there are the guitars that just seem to set in a league of their own. Like Satriani’s custom Chrome Boy Ibanez. The guitar dipped in chrome. You want to know why I think this guitar is the most beautiful thing in all of existence? Because when I look at it I see my chiseled money maker shining right back at me. Who can argue with that? And Suhr’s Classic Root Beer Drip is coated with a seducing swirled finish as though you were looking at a root beer float smeared all over the body of the guitar. Now I don’t know about you, but I love root beer floats, and who here doesn’t love the guitar? So the merging of the two can only mean one thing. Awesome.

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