GuitarTricks Online Guitar Lessons Review

GuitarTricks Online Guitar Lessons

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GuitarTricks Online Guitar Lessons
GuitarTricks Online Guitar Lessons


– Oldest Online School

– 24 Free Lessons

– All Major Guitar Styles Covered

– Advanced Video Player

I’ve gotten a few requests for some guitar lessons on the site, or at least information about where to go for the best place to learn guitar.

I know it’s hard to find (and trust) online courses – you wonder if you will learn anything, if you will waste money, if it will be too hard, will it be cool enough or interesting enough to keep your attention and focus.

Well, I have spent the past few weeks reviewing various online guitar lesson sites, and I ended up where I thought I would be, GuitarTricks.

I’ve been with them for years, and I can safely say you don’t need to worry about any of those Questions!

You see, I’ve done this before, only it wasn’t for a website, it was for me.

Years ago I signed up for guitartricks to benefit my own playing, and after the research, I ended up feeling like guitartricks was the best fit for me.

I had been playing for 10 years at the time, so I wasn’t in need of beginner guitar lessons, which is good news for us more experienced players, but I DID watch the beginner lessons. I found them to be incredibly interesting considering that I had been playing so long – and I did learn some new stuff even from those beginner lessons.

The beginner guitar lessons are solid. It seems to be the best balance I have seen for where a beginner really would be when looking for guitar lessons online. Its not offensively basic, nor does it skip any basics – it’s right where it should be.

So doing it again the last few weeks I felt a bit of deja-vu … but I did the homework again for you guys. Who knows maybe a new killer online course came out that I didn’t know about that just blows guitartricks out of the water!

Well, I didn’t find that to be the case. It’s not really the style of this site to be negative about anything, so we’re not gonna dis the other guys. You can find them with a simple Google search and see for yourself.

First, the website is really well done. It’s pretty easy to figure out where you are and get to where you want to be. Why waste time learning a website when what you really want is to learn about your passion?

The video player

It’s the coolest. It’s got gadgets to loop specific parts of the video over and over as you play along, and low resolution, and high resolution options. You can loop a part that’s giving you troubles, indefinitely until you have it down solid, without ever having to take your fingers off the guitar. You WILL use and appreciate this feature!

The Guitar Instructors

They have personalities! Yes, that’s right, you might just end up liking them!

They get right down to business, but also leave you feeling like they are talking to YOU, and their enthusiasm shows.

Now, on to the Guitar Lessons themselves:

note: guitartricks doesn’t really organize the content as beginner, intermediate, advanced – I am using those terms here to identify a skill level … you know where you are.


Like I said earlier, they’ve got this rounded out just perfectly. I remember where I was as a beginner, and when I was searching for a guitar teacher. The internet didn’t exist, but I did find a great guitar teacher. The folks at guitartricks seem to know where a beginner would be at the point when they start to Google “online guitar lessons” and they are there to help you out.


So you’ve been playing awhile, you might be in a band, you know a few of your favorite songs – although not quite sure if you are playing them exactly right – and you need to strengthen your technique, and get some of the schooling that will take you to the next level. Guitartricks has this area covered as well. You might want to start with a “Guitar Style” or jump to a song (they have lessons on specific songs) that you feel will help you grow. As a bit of advice, don’t stop there, keep on to the advanced stuff – it’s really rewarding.


You’ve been playing for X years – hell, you might not even remember for sure. This is one area where guitartricks really shines. You can pretty much click anywhere and get something out of the lesson. The beginner lessons will remind you of the basics you might have gotten lazy on (me!). The Intermediate might teach you something you forgot or simply missed 😉 – in such cases a new perspective presents itself and you find some new fire in your playing style that you have been looking for.

The advanced – I have definitely been challenged – as recently as a week ago – by guitartricks.

The price:

in my recent research, I’ve found this to be the best price around. For what you get, its a deal you can’t complain about.


We’ve talked about the video player, and the instructors. The rest of the features break down into Lessons, Jam, and Forums.

The lessons – well we’ve pretty much covered that as well.

Jam – Just play! Get a virtual band behind you and wail away like you just don’t care! Practice ideas you’ve recently learned in lessons, or get an idea for a new song. I love the Jam feature.

Forums – This is your community. The forums are active, there’s always plenty of folks there, and the vibe seems pretty relaxed. You can chat about guitars, get help from other members, talk about gear, tone, or post your own music for others to check out.


I am still pretty impressed with the experience I have had at GuitarTricks.

I know this seems like a glowing review and – well it is – but compared to the others, guitartricks really shines in alot of ways.

It’s hard to find a good guitar teacher. I lucked out in my early days, but now with the technology we get from the internet, it’s a bit easier.

Here is a link to go check it out for yourself.

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