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Guthrie Govan

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Guthrie Govan
Guthrie Govan

Guthrie Govan of Aristocrats fame has taken up the role of contributing some solos for a handful of backing tracks for Each of the ten tracks, dubbed West Coast Grooves, offers a decidedly down to earth feeling and dips in and out of genres from blues to jazz to more calm rock. Originally created by James Graydon, the tracks were handed over to Govan.  Geared up Guthrie Govan’s godliness gave Graydon’s guitars a gleaming glimpse of golden grandeur.  Following the exchange  who reminded us why we pay attention to him when he plays the guitar. And as of now these tracks are available to everyone.

The Backing Tracks

Song Key Tempo Solo Length Backing Track Length
Beautiful Imperfection G Major 87 bpm 2:21 4:05
Heart of the City G Major 54 bpm 2:00 5:25
Hollywood Woman B Minor 120 bpm 1:56 4:24
Jelly Bean E Major 113 bpm 2:19 4:58
Lost in Rio A Minor 97 bpm 2:05 4:26
T&C G Major 113 bpm 2:35 4:32
The Blue Room C Major 87 bpm 2:14 5:40
The Cost of Loving A Major 120 bpm 2:13 4:09
Uptown A Minor 120 bpm 2:19 3:29
Where We Started D Major 80 bpm 2:33 6:28


The West Coast Grooves are the newest package of backing tracks from Govan and Jam Track Central, and for $23.22 (calculated from British pounds) you get all ten solo tracks, the backing tracks, extended jam tracks, and 55 pages of JTC accurate tabs and notation. For the unfamiliar, the JTC accurate tabs are PDFs of tablature with sheet music and liner notes that go into greater detail on how techniques are applied when performing. This will give you a bit more of an advantage if you plan on learning anything Guthrie Govan plays.

This is Govan’s newest set of backing tracks following a huge list of other tracks he’s contributed to Jam Track Central. This includes backing tracks of the debut self-titled Aristocrats album, Govan’s Erotic Cakes material, tracks designed to replicate the styles of guitarists like Hendrix or B.B. King, and plenty more.

More on Govan

Guthrie Govan has done much to keep himself busy having contributed material to Steve Wilson’s (of Porcupine Tree fame) third solo album The Raven That Refused to Sing (And Other Stories), along with some touring. Starting in late May he will embark on a Brazilian guitar clinic tour. And on top of that later this year a new Aristocrats album entitled Culture Crash is scheduled for release.  This will be their second studio album and third album overall if you include their 2012 live album.

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