Halo Custom Guitars Now Offers Twenty More Baritone Guitars

Halo 667 7 String Guitar

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Halo Baritone 10 String Guitar - Click to Enlarge
Halo Baritone 10 String Guitar

In response to emerging trends in modern rock and heavy metal music, Halo guitars has added an impressive 20 new baritone guitars to their line.

In a press release, Jeff Lee, Halo’s General Manager stated:

“For 2010, Halo’s top selling models were from Baritone and Extended Range categories. Baritone and extended range guitars are like regular guitars, except they play lower notes and sometimes higher notes, or both. Heavy metal music is primarily electric guitar-driven and that makes it necessary for heavy metal guitarists to use high performance electric guitars like Halo’s. Modern heavy metal music tends to be played in lower tunings, which is something standard guitars were not designed to do.”

The XSI model is one that’s worth looking at.

The range of this guitar spans six full octaves, and is tuned from Low A to High E.

It’s built on solid mahogany, with an EMG-45DC dual coil at the neck and a EMG-45DC dual coil at the bridge.

It also features a Kahler Custom-10 tremolo bridge.

It’s listed at $3,600 MSRP, but there are cheaper guitars available from Halo.

Halo 667 7 String Guitar
Halo 667 7 String Guitar – Click to Enlarge

The 667 is a beautiful 7-String offering from Halo, coming in at $749.99 MSRP. This one is solid mahogany with a quilted maple top, and sports a Floyd Rose Double-Locking Tremolo.

The transparent grey paint bursting to black makes this guitar “pop” visually. Very beautiful guitar!

The newly designed 6,7, and 8 string guitars are available for pre-order right now with a 50% deposit to reserve your new axe.

If you make a full payment in advance, you’ll get 10% off.

They expect to be shipping these bad boys around August of 2011.


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