Hand Made USA Guitar Series #2: Eric Joseph

Eric Joseph Cinnamon

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Eric Joseph EJ Jazz Special
Eric Joseph EJ Jazz Special

Hand Made USA Guitar Series #2: Eric Joseph

Continuing the trend of highlighting guitars crafted by hand within the borders of the USA we’re taking this little endeavor up to Maine to bring Eric Joseph Guitars into the spotlight.

Eric Joseph has been designing guitars for the better part of about 40 years and dammit if it doesn’t show in the feel and build of his guitars.  If there would be any particular trademark to his building it would probably be his use of exotic woods as his clay with a catalog of almost nothing but exotic wood guitars.  His indulgence in uniquely carved guitars has also been an art of its own that has found its home amongst his plethora of guitars.

Of course usually the types and amounts of woods along with the craftsmanship tend to jack the price up proportionately, but not in Eric Joseph’s case.  You will be hard pressed to find any hand-built guitar as competitively priced as his are. The average price tag in his catalog is $1,200 which is a moderate price for high-end factory guitars built out of common woods like alder, maple, mahogany, and others of the sorts.  By the powers of Eric Joseph hand-builts are no longer exclusive to the super rich.

I don’t now exactly how the figures work, but I’m pretty sure he’s a far cry from maximizing profits on any of his guitars.

Since we’re on the subject of Eric Joseph’s guitars let’s take a look at some of the guitars he has out and about.

Eric Joseph Sycamore Contour Headstock
Eric Joseph Sycamore Contour Headstock

Among his newest models available we’ve got the EJ Jazz Special which is built of African mahogany with camphor laurel and is accompanied by a maple neck with a Macassar ebony fretboard and a camel bone nut fixed right in.  Built right in are a couple of Seymour Duncan pickups with an SH-4JB at the bridge and an SH-2N at the neck.  The bridge is an adjustable Wilkinson roller bridge and tailpiece and because Dr. Joe is a man of esteemed class all the hardware is a tasteful hue of gold.  Slap on a healthy coat of penetrating polyurethane and carnauba wax for a finish and there you have it.  A musical masterpiece.

[more pictures here ]

From his Contoured Series this guitar is built of premium quaretersawn American sycamore with a maple neck and fretboard.  Fixed right into the headstock is a set of Wilkinson EZ-LOK tuners.  Housed within what body remains is a pair of GFS Crunchy Rail humbuckers with have both single coil and humbucking capabilities thanks to a push-pull coil-split toggle built into the volume knob.  And to finish it off there is an application of the polyurethane and carnauba wax.

[more pics here ]

Eric Joseph Sycamore Contour
Eric Joseph Sycamore Contour

And there you have it.  An attempt to do Eric Joseph’s diverse catalog justice by giving you a highlight of just two guitars he has available.  It’s worth the time to swing by his site and see just what all he has available because no two guitars are the same thing.

Each guitar he has has a build and personality of its own that deserves to be marveled at.  And for the price he offers I don’t think you’ll have an easy time coming across a more accessible, truely hand-built guitar.

Check out Eric’s website here:

Eric Joseph Electric Guitars

Here’s the last guitar in the “Hand Made USA Series”

Here’s a video Review we did on another of Eric’s Creations

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