Haywire Garnet Red Tiger Striped Maple Flame Top Guitar

Haywire Red Guitar

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Haywire Red Guitar
Haywire Red Guitar
A garnet red finish over a flamed maple top and ash body with two EMG humbuckers and a wilkinson bridge.  With a description like that – this guitar had me at hello.

Approximately four months ago we’d had an interview with a certain Rick Mariner of Haywire guitars.  He’s a cool guitar builder who happens to build some of the sexiest guitars out there.  Not only that, but his attention to detail meets the criteria for me to describe it as impressive.  He’s taken inspiration from the feel and sound of Strats, Ibanezes, PRSes, and Gibsons and crammed them all into one seemingly inoccuous guitar.
The neck is maple with a rosewood fretboard, going all the way up to 24 frets on a 25-1/2″ scale.  On top of that the guitar is set up for a nice, low action.
The bridge is a Wilkinson VS 100 brushed nickel tremolo with stainless steel saddles, arm and studs.  The bridge plate has been notched to better align and stabalize the saddles which locked down with an allen screw.  The pickups are special EMG pickups with an OC1-B at the bridge and an OC1-N at the neck, both of which are shielded to prevent unwanted noise and microphone interference.  In summary the looks reflect well on the craftsmanship that went into this guitar.  What I wouldn’t give to get my hands on one of these.

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Kyle Smitchens

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11 years ago

rick make the most beautiful guitars.. he can make em scream or sing.. very talented man.. u should hear him play.. wow

Haywire Custom Guitar Shop
11 years ago

Thank you Guitar Muse for taking time to visit Haywire!! Thanks for your feature on our guitars and your kind words. You’re Great!! Rick@Haywire

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