Ibanez ARZ Artist Guitar

Ibanez ARZ Electric Guitar

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Ibanez ARZ Electric Guitar
Ibanez ARZ Electric Guitar

The Ibanez ARZ800 Artist is marketed predominantly toward metal players. According to Ibanez it’s built for guitarists “who demand both heavy power chords and shredding solos.”

To that end, Ibanez has implemented some pretty cool features in the ARZ800.

The heel is “scooped” to allow for easier access to the higher frets, all 24 medium frets.

The body is mahogany, for that singing sustain and the top is quilted maple, and looks great in this transparent deep violet lacquer.

The bridge pickup is an EMG 81 ceramic humbucker, which is prime for soloing, while the neck pickup – an EMG 60, will deliver more crisp midrange than warm fuzzy tones.

She’s got a “Tight-Tune” bridge and tail piece, which were designed to prevent any kind of movement by locking down tight.

On the bridge – things look a little different than the Tune-o-Matic styles we are used to seeing, because each saddle locks down to the baseplate, ensuring that it will stay where you’ve got it set.

Here is a closeup of the bridge / tail piece.

This guitar certainly is a beautiful machine, and it is selling fast. zZounds is carrying them, and expect to have more in stock in just a few days, Feb 24th.

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