Ibanez at NAMM 2013 Part 2

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Tosin Abasi Ibanez TAM100

The Article About Signature Ibanez Guitars

It seems like it was just a week ago that we had talked about Ibanez’s first wave assault on Winter NAMM. Between the new Iron Label Series RG and S guitars, the new Steve Vai signature 7V7 7-string guitar, and the colossal RG9 9-string sledge hammer of a guitar, Ibanez delivered a well rounded supply of new guitars. But the fun isn’t stopping there, no why would it? Instead Ibanez is piling on the action with two additional signature guitars. Introducing the newest installment of Joe Satriani’s signature guitars, the JS2410, and Animals as Leaders’ Tosin Abasi’s TAM100 8-string guitar.

And now we start talking about the guitars in greater detail.

The Joe Satriani JS2410

Joe Satriani Ibanez JS2410
Joe Satriani Ibanez JS2410

Let’s hit Satch’s guitar first. The blazing bright muscle car orange 6-string thing doesn’t deviate from Satch’s traditional body style. The high fret access sets the precedence for high access short of turning the guitar into a V so you can get way up to the 24th fret on that rosewood fretboard. The three piece maple and bubinga neck is bolted onto the nicely shaped alder body. Satriani’s preferred Edge tremolo comes stock in this model as it was meant to be.

Now for the electronics. This is where the guitar’s unique persona really comes out. The JS2410 uses one 3-way switch with a master tone knob / coil tapping push / pull switch that splits the both pickups into single-coils and the master volume knob that acts as a high pass filter switch as well. The JS2410 uses two Satriani signature DiMarzio pickups with a Mo’ Joe humbucker in the bridge position and a Satch Track rail in the neck position.

The Tosin Abasi TAM100

Tosin Abasi Ibanez TAM100
Tosin Abasi Ibanez TAM100

Tosin Abasi has been shaking the world of the guitar more and more as he consistently proves his valor as a guitarist over and over, particularly with his main project the progressive metal band Animals as Leaders. So with all the buzz building up around this guy how could we pass on the chance to cover his own signature guitar? And furthermore why would we?

As 8-string guitars become more and more a commonality among guitar trends Tosin Abasi’s guitar, the TAM100 is an 8-string basswood guitar with a quilted maple top. The bolt-on 5-piece wenge and bubinga neck houses KTS Titanium rods and is decorated with a plank of wenge for the fretboard adorning pearl block inlays. The finish itself is unnamed at the moment, but has a rather icy blue hue to it while the backside is a natural finish. The FX Edge III-8 fixed bridge as well as the rest of the hardware come fancified with gold.

In the world of electronics the TAM100 uses three DiMarzio Ionizer pickups with two humbuckers in both the neck and the bridge positions and a single-coil model in the middle position. It includes a master volume knob and a master tone knob with one 5-way switch and a coil tap switch to transform the humbuckers into single-coils for added tonal variety.


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