Ibanez JS20th Satriani Signature Guitar

Ibanez Joe Satriani JS20th Guitar

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Ibanez Joe Satriani JS20th Guitar
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I don’t think you could possibly come across a guitar that tells you more about Joe Satriani and his style more than this one.  A dead give away being the Silver Surfer emblazoned across the front of this guitar.  That alone, I think, aptly represents the sleek and cool style that’s so distinctly Satch’s.

Heck, the guy even kind of looks like the Surfer himself.  So much so that I often wonder how many times he’s dressed up as him for a Halloween party… or maybe just for kicks and giggles.

The Silver Surfer also does well to represent the proverbial iceberg’s tip on Satch’s expansive nerdiness with thematic references to comic books, outer space, and Star Trek to name a few.

Anyway, the man that needs no introduction, Joe Satriani has been rocking faces with the guitar since the 70s.  Legend has it a young, teenage Satch, inspired by the passing of Jimi Hendrix, began playing and has since become a legend himself having written thirteen solo albums as well as having taught several guitarists which have become legends of their own.  To that I nominate he be dubbed Shihan Satriani.

The guitar which was built to his exact specifications is made of basswood with a maple neck and a rosewood fretboard.  Deep within the darkest threshhold of this guitar is a DiMarzio FRED pickup at the bridge and a PAF-PRO at the neck with Ibanez’s own Edge tremolo bridge for all your whammying needs.  The pickup switch comes with a toggle switch to alternate between humbucking and single coils giving a broader range of tones.

And in case you missed that first paragraph it has the Silver Surfer on it.


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