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Four Guitars Of The Apocalypse

Ibanez’s new wave of 6 and 7-string guitars are completely available and ready for you to get your grimy mitts all over them so you can smother them and abuse them abuse them in any way possible (aside from outright smashing them or torturing them. That’s just wrong). At your disposal, and for a reasonable fee, are four different models to choose from and determine which fits your style the most. Since all personalities can be summed up into four categories I think it’s safe to say there’s a guitar for everyone here.


Ibanez RG920BK
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The first model is the RG920. This model has a body built out of basswood with a 5-piece maple and walnut Wizard Premium neck with a rosewood fretboard stylishly dazzled with off-centered dot inlays. The two ceramic humbuckers are DiMarzio IBZ models. The bridge is an Edge Zero II tremolo that is properly balanced with four springs that are as easy to put in and take out as one could possibly hope. A tremolo block is also built in and thanks to the cover on the back it can be tweaked without even taking the cover off.

It is available in black and costs $849.99.


Ibanez RG920
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Ibanez RG920
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If the RG920 were a pepperoni pizza the RG920QM would be a pepperoni pizza with extra pepperoni. That means it’s better in every way possible. Even the aspects that are shared between models. It too is made with a basswood body, but upgrades the body with a quilted maple top. The neck is also a 5-piece maple and walnut Wizard Premium and a rosewood fretboard. The humbuckers are also DiMarzio IBZ models. The cherry on top is, as always, the Edge Zero II tremolo.

The RG920QM compliments the maple top with its selection of transparent high voltage violet, black ice, cobalt blue surge, liquid inferno, and red desert paint finishes. All available for $949.99.


Ibanez RG927
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Continuing the contrived pizza analogy if the RG920QM were a pepperoni pizza with extra pepperoni the RG927QM would be the next size bigger. The key difference between the 927 is the 7 in the model name that alludes to the lucky 7th string tacked on for good lucky.

Apart from that the basswood and quilted maple top with the maple and walnut neck and rosewood fretboard make their grandiose return as do the DiMarzio IBZ humbuckers. The Edge Zero II-7 tremolo offers the means to wham and windmill your way into and out of any shreddy wankfest you could possibly want to get yourself into.

It is available in Red Desert for $1,099.99.


Ibanez RG921
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The RG921QMF is, in pizza terms, the same size as the RG920 models, but with a bit less pepperoni. A 6-string model, it is also basswood with a quilted maple top, a maple/walnut neck and rosewood fretboard. The two pickups are yet again DiMarzio IBZ humbuckers. Instead of the Edge tremolo the 921 has a Tight End R fixed bridge that is set low to the body.

Currently the RG921QMF is not available, but its release date is just around the corner and it will be available in cobalt blue surge and red desert.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a pizza to eat.

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