The 2012 Sterling Music Man

Music Man JP100

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The 2012 Sterling by Music Man: Awesome

Let’s give some love to Music Man for a moment. They’ve been overlooked and swept under the rug what with all the hoopalaha we’ve had going on as of late. New web site this and… other stuff that. So let’s take a moment and see what Music Man has had going on.


Music Man JP60
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The Chuck Norris of guitar John Petrucci is bolstering a new set of signature guitars, the first of which is the JP60 PRB. Here we have a guitar that is built out of basswood for its body and maple for the neck with a rosewood fretboard. The contoured body houses two Hi-output Sterling humbuckers. The bridge, also designed by Sterling is a Modern tremolo bridge. As is the trademark for John Petrucci’s guitars the inlays are his custom JP shields and the finish is, as the model acronym implies, is pearl red burst.


Music Man JP60
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The BKM version of the JP60 is, as the first half the model name implies, the same guitar as the PRB version. The contoured basswood body, maple neck, and rosewood fretboard are consistently evident. Sterling Hi-output humbuckers and Modern tremolo, and stylish shield inlays. The only difference really is the black metallic finish.

Both this guitar and the JP60 PRB go for $549.


Music Man JP100
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The JP100 TBK is based off the JP6 model. The slightly larger body is still basswood, the neck is a bit asymmetrical and made of maple, and the fretboard is rosewood. Another key difference is the inclusion of the maple top. Other similarities include the Sterling Hi-output humbuckers, the Sterling Modern tremolo, and what would a signature John Petrucci guitar be without the JP shield inlays? The color of choice is the transparent black finish.

Fun fact about John Petrucci. When developing his signature guitars an integral part of the quality checking involves smashing the guitars on his head. If they break they are clearly too inferior to be played.

The price tag for this guitar clocks in at $629.


Music Man AX40
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Next up to the plate is the AX40 TGO. This guitar is built out of basswood with a quilted maple veneer top and a bolted on maple neck with a 22 fret maple fretboard. The AX40 includes locking tuners and Sterling’s own designed double-locking tremolo and Sterling A5 Zebra humbuckers. Finishing it off is the transparent gold finish.


Music Man AX40
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Here we have another AX40 model that is identical to the TGO. Basswood body, maple top, maple bolt-on neck, and maple fretboard. Sterling locking tremolo and A5 Zebra humbuckers. The game changing difference is the transparent black finish.

The AX40 guitars can be yours for the low, low price of $549.


Music Man AX30
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And finally we come to the AX30 CRB. Here we have a guitar, much like the others, is built out of basswood with a quilted maple veneer top. The maple neck is bolted on, but instead features a rosewood fretboard. The bridge is a Sterling Vintage tremolo, and the pickups are a set of Sterling A5 Zebra humbuckers. The thing that sets this guitar apart from the others is the upgrade from a 3-way switch to a 5-way switch allowing you to split the humbuckers and add more tonal options. All of this is wrapped up in a transparent cherry burst finish.

The AX30 is yours for the asking price of $449.

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