Image Gallery: Guitar Inlays To Take Your Breath Away – Part 1

Kingslight Tornado Wheat

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Stellar Inlays

Gallery #1

When we went looking for great guitar inlays, we didn’t expect to find enough to fill three image galleries. Well, we hoped we would – and we certainly weren’t disappointed. So you’ve got that to look forward to – two more galleries of exquisite work like this.

There is a lot more to show you because at least for this gallery, we’re focusing on inlays found on the neck. We’ll go into some more placements in later galleries – there are really some beautiful full body works out there.

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More Thoughts On Inlays

Inlays give the artist or luthier an additional opportunity to express themselves, with what is sometimes a stunning and breathtaking display.

I have a friend who once compared an inlay to a tattoo for a guitar. Makes sense, in a way. You can always alter the paint, shape, wood, or even a pickguard – but an inlay gives you an additional outlet to create anything you want – whether its soft imagery or a striking display – it’s more opportunity to be you.

Artist Highlights

Crafter Guitars

Here we have included work from Crafter guitars, who make some brilliant guitars, both in sound and visual appeal. Founded in 1972 in Seoul. From their meager beginnings – four people working in a small workshop, they have grown to a 140 person workforce, with guitars on the market in 30 countries. They produce over 60,000 units a year, all with the same techniques and processes they began with.

John Kingslight

He lives in Washington state, not too far from Seattle. He’s a part time school bus driver because he loves kids and he attributes a bit of his success on the bus to the same thing that makes him a great luthier – his patience. He built 25 guitars with John Dillon, and he has surpassed his 50th Kingslight guitar.

Ed Roman

Ed has been in the news lately – mainly due to his unfortunate passing a few days ago. His guitars have been seen in the hands of Ted Nugent, Rick Derringer, Johnny Ramone, Keith Urban, George Lynch and many more. He will be missed.

Warrior Guitars

They build some of the most visually stunning electric guitars around, so it’s no wonder they showed up in this gallery.

Abyss Guitars (Pederson Guitars)

Almost every Pederson guitar has stunning inlay work. Most of their work is also custom and they take pride in their understanding of the customer. The customers are involved from the guitar’s start to its finish.

Hawley Guitars

From Ottawa, Canada, Hawley guitars has one employee, and that’s Patrick Hawley. According to his site, he is interested only in building guitars one at a time, that sound, look and play beautifully.

Stay tuned for part two of our inlay gallery!


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