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Hembry Green Flames Guitar

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Hembry is a USA-based guitar designing company that boldy accepts any challenge that any number of people can pitch their way if not just for the sake of saying they can handle any such task.  Also probably the interest in making cool guitars is there, but I like to presume the former.  Why I don’t know.  That’s irrelevant anyway.

Founded by Scott Hembry, a guitarist, luthier, artist, and all around great guy, had been modifying any guitar he could get his hands on since his mid teens and has established several decades of experience since then.  And with such developed skills he opened up the Hembry guitar shop which is not unlike a garage.  And considering as much work as he puts into his guitars, his prices are far from unreasonable ranging from $1,200 to $2,000 for regular guitars and $1,500 to $2,500 for carved guitars.

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I’ve taken liberties to include a number of Hembry guitars developed over the years.  Having looked at them more some of them kind of remind me of John Carpenter’s Thing, what with the way they look like tearing ligaments and muscle as faces emerge from the beautiful mess of flesh resembling wood.

Speaking of wood, all of the guitars above is built out of hard carved alder, though the similarities more or less end there.

The first guitar, the Draggin‘, a cleverly designed to appear defensively postured around a well established collection of skulls, includes a maple neck with a rosewood fretboard and a Seymour Duncan TB4 humbucker and a knock off Floyd Rose tremolo.  The Tendon, however uses a maple Ibanez 7-string RG neck with the original pickups from the Ibanez this guitar began as.  In the end it became an Iceman styled, decidedly painful looking guitar.

The V Skull is actually a maple neck-through an alder body guitar with an ebony fretboard.  Crammed right in there is an EMG 81 humbucker, and because a guitar like this looks like it’s seeping class from every pore in the wood gold hardware was pitched in for good measure.  The Eat ’em guitar is actually lacking any magnetic pickups instead going for a more acoustic sound.  Adding to that is the Acousti-Phonic Floyd Rose tremolo.  For stylish effects the teeth are made out of aluminum.

The V styled Drak is obviously designed to resemble blood as much as possible.  Hell it looks like it was dunked in a big vat of blood.  The pickup it contains is a Seymour Duncan TB4.  The Brainiac contains a lens and a steel ball for those beady eyes that pierce through all of our souls.  The alder body acts as an Iceman styled compartment for the Seymour Duncan Blackout humbucker as well.  How convenient.

The Green Flames skull guitar retains that fashionable alder body and maple neck, but keeps the neck exposed for a maple fretboard as well.  Also the pickup is a Lace Dually Red/Red humbucker.  Then there’s the Green Meanies V which is also alder with a maple neck, though keeps the rosewood fretboard around is fitted with two Lace Deathbucker pickups.

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