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Fender Select Strat

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Fender Select Series: More Guitar For More Money

I’m just going to go ahead and answer your first question right now. According to Fender – the thing that makes these guitars worth so much money is high end features and elegant design options.

Fender is offering quarter-sawn maple necks, figured maple necks, stunning new finishes, and a slew of other top notch features on these guitars.

The finishes on these guitars are indeed beautiful and striking – although I do think part of that comes from the fact that we’re just not used to seeing such finishes on a Stratocaster or Telecaster.

Both of the guitars feature the Bi-Flex ™ truss rod system – which is system used in most American and Deluxe Fender models, which allows you to adjust the truss rod backwards (bow) – all the way to relief – and back to a forward bow.

The Stratocaster HSS

Shown here is the Select Stratocaster with an HSS setup and Antique Burst Finish. Also shown is a rosewood fingerboard. The humbucker at the bridge has a sound to be reckoned with – a throaty growl, and the bridge pickup is a new Fender Select single coil which has a more melodic emphasis.

Everything on this guitar is premium, all the way down to the 3 ply pick-guard, nickel-chrome hardware, vintage steel saddles, and the breathtaking gloss lacquer finish magnifying the flame maple body.

The Telecaster

Shown here is the Select Telecaster with a Koa top with a Sienna Edge Burst finish and rosewood fingerboard as well. It has a C shaped neck, and 22 frets. It comes with single coils at the neck and bridge. It also comes with nickel-chrome hardware, and sealed locking tuners. It has an ash body, with honeycomb chambers. Another value add for the Telecaster is the No Load Tone Control. This operates normally from 1 through 9, but at 10, it removes the pot from the circuit completely, bypassing the ground and brightening the signal considerably.


These aren’t cheap – it seems Fender has pulled out all the stops for this one. The Stratocaster is MSRP $2,849.99 and the Telecaster is MSRP $3,499. However, you can find street prices for the Strat for around $2,050 and the Tele for $2,499.


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