Image Gallery: The Gibson Firebird X – With Video

Firebird X Headstock

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As of September 30th Gibson’s response to the Variax, the Firebird X guitars has shipped out to the general public.  For the sake of marketing it’s being called a limited edition, which could probably be translated to Gibson’s testing the demographic waters.

The Firebird X is seemingly innocent with its swamp ash body and maple neck and fretboard, and three mini-humbuckers, but the Gibson fan base has been separating like the Red Sea since it was announced because of the computer hardware built into it. With the flip of a switch and the twist of a knob you have a plethora of effects at your fingers.  At the heart of the computer is Gibson’s Pure-Analog engine which they plan on building up on with 3rd party software and eventually offering an app store of their own, so to speak.

The population of the world seems torn on it, but we kinda like it, so here is a bundle of pictures.

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To round this off I found a video of a guy who I am going to describe as “some dude” as he walks us through the ins and outs of the guitar and assures us we “do not have to have a computer skills or anything else to operate this guitar [sic]”.  Judging by the ratio of likes to dislikes I’m guessing the video’s not too popular.  I thought it was kinda funny myself in a Mystery Science Theater 3000 kind of way.

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