Image Gallery: The Streets Will Run Red With Guitars

59 Gibson Les Paul - Red Devil

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Guitar Gallery Time: Red Guitars

Not too long ago a gallery had popped up around these parts paying homage to one of the most beloved colors to smother the body of a guitar with. Taking pointers from that, why not have another about, say, red?

Speaking of red it’s time for a fun fact. Of all the guitars I’ve owned there have been more red guitars than any other individual color. It’s not so much that I’ve ever really sought out red guitars. The ones I’ve most preferred to play have just ended up that color so it’s become kind of a tradition type thing and now it always feels weird for me to play something that isn’t red.


Red can summon thoughts of heat, anger, blood, or well – apples. Other than apples, it does seem that in the context of associations red tends to occupy a dangerous position.

Maybe that’s why the color fits so naturally atop an instrument that is one of the most edgy, and rebellious available, and one that often carries the fastest, most nimble parts of a song.

Red is the last color in the color spectrum before you get to infra-red (which means “under” red) which you can feel (as heat), but can’t be seen with the naked eye.

Oftentimes, red is used as a warning. On the other hand, if you’re important enough – they might roll out the red carpet for you.

Along with the “negative” emotions like the aforementioned “anger”, red is also used to symbolize a few positive emotions, like courage, and passion.

Whatever your preference for the meaning of the color – red is probably the color most commonly used for symbolism, with the possible exception of black, so we’re going to take a look at a few red guitars.

What do they say to you?

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10 years ago

It’s funny, I don’t prefer red guitars if I have more alternates, although I owned a couple of reds and I really liked them…

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