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A Gallery Of Video Game Guitars

Alright.  So we’ve got image galleries up and running now.  So what better opportunity to oppress the world with more nerdery?

As some of you may have gathered by now I am very much influenced by video games and often marvel at the glory of the combination of the two.  Rather than drag this whole video game guitar charade out over a whole bunch of articles I’m just going to get it all out of the way in one lump shot.

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And there you have it ladies and gentlemen.  I think I’ve used up most of the remaining game related guitars now.  The more iconic games are pretty common out there, but based off my studies there is apparently no demographic out there for guitars based on Blaster Master, BlackThorne, Mass Effect, or even Final Fantasy.  Bummer.

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9 years ago

That halo xiphos sitting in the chair actually is my picture and used to belong to my brother. It actually no longer exists as a halo xiphos and is a moderately interesting story.

I often check guitar center’s used inventory for a nice deal on used gear and I saw it popped up and was actually at my local guitar center, in rockford illinois. When my brother and I went there to buy it, the guitar was in the back of the store. We just buy it and take it home without playing it much. Turns out the front graphic was lifting as it was seemingly applied with some sort of glue over the finish. More importantly the frets are just ruined, they are lifting and uneven. It is really a tragedy. Ultimately we decide it wasn’t worth keeping and return it. Someone removed the graphic (either an employee or someone who bought it and also returned it) and it was just a gloss black finish underneath the front with satin everywhere else and sat in the store marked as a “xp300” with sky high action until someone bought it. If someone reading this has a XPT700 with a gloss front, satin back and fucked up frets, then you have in your hands a ruined halo xiphos.

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