Image Gallery From NAMM 2013 – Day One

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NAMM Center 2013

Winter NAMM 2013 From the Perspective of a Cell Phone

With every person a photographer thanks to the HD cameras built into the cell phones resting in their pockets snapping pictures at events like NAMM is easier than ever, and with the marriage of internet access and social networking everyone is one touch screen away from sharing their sweet snap shots with the rest of the world. While we’ve been grinding away through coverage, we’ve also been gathering images from Twitter to see what sights have been catching everyone else’s attention on the spot.

With that in mind here is a glorious gallery of images we’ve hand picked from Twitter. Enjoy.

Events like NAMM are not just known for the cool new gear announced, but also the huge gathering of the greatest musicians known to mankind. Pictured above you can see Testament’s Alex Skolnick, Former Major League Baseball turned professional jazz guitarist Bernie Williams, the great Eddie Van Halen (if you don’t know who he is then you’re at the wrong site), Iron Maiden’s Nicko McBrain, bassist Randy Jackson, and Music Man head honcho Sterling Ball. All have united under the great cause to celebrate music in one shot.

Of course gear is a huge part too. Let’s not overlook one of the most anticipating parts of NAMM. Above you can see some of Fender’s Mustang guitars, some of their acoustics, the damn cutest girl on-site chowing down on a kazoo while supporting a Martinc acoustic with Lady Liberty on it. a wall of ZVex effect pedals, and speaking of walls, there’s even a wall of Marshall amps.

And what would a gallery of the sites at NAMM be without some charming shots of the outdoors. The Vegas-like lighting at night, the soothing landscaping of the day shots, and even a picture of the floor (nice choice, Jameson).

Anyway, that settles it for wave 1 of the NAMM 2013 gallery. Stay tuned for not one, but two more days of NAMM 2013 coverage.


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