Unsigned Bands: Submit Your Music For Review

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Get Your Music Heard!

Do you have a band, or are you a solo artist? Want a little exposure for your music?

We’d be happy to have a listen and if we like it we’ll share it with the whole Guitar-Muse community! Everyone starts somewhere in the music business, and we know that it’s all about getting your name – and more importantly your songs out there for as many people to hear as possible!

We’re big fans of fresh, new music, so we’d love to help you out.

If you know a great artist or band – be sure to forward this article to them, or share it via Facebook or Twitter.

Hear New Music!

If you’re not in a band or don’t have anything to submit, but you enjoy hearing great new music, we’ll have a section of the site dedicated to sharing what we find with you.

Submission Guidelines

Here are a few guidelines to ensure an easy submission.

Who You Should Be:

  • An independent musician or band. You’re not signed to a major label.
  • You’re not making a full living from your music, but you want to be!
  • You can be a garage band, but please provide the best quality recording as possible.
  • Your music must be at the very least what we would call “guitar oriented” If you sound like Vai or Hendrix or Bonamassa, etc., you’re golden. If you sound like Zeppelin, Metallica or similar, you’re fine too. Even acoustic folky stuff will be considered. However, if guitar isn’t a staple in your band, don’t bother. You don’t have to be a virtuoso – you can be a great songwriter with an acoustic and a tambourine, as long as you do the job with that guitar.

 If We Don’t Like It Or Can’t Use it

  • You might not hear back from us. We already get plenty of requests to review music, so we can’t reply to everyone but we’ll try. We’ll let you know within a week if we are going to do a review on your music.
  • There’s no sense in us doing a negative review on an indie band – it provides no value to our readers to know there’s a CD out there they don’t need to buy. They already know those little gems are out there.

How To Submit Your Music

  • Go over to our contact page, and there is a form there you can use to send us an email. Read the rest of this before you do that!
  • Let us know about your band. Just a quick few sentences covering where you’re from, who all the band members are, maybe a little about how you got together, and what you’re trying to accomplish with your music.
  • Tell us briefly about the guitarist’s gear.
  • Let us know where we can hear your music. At least 3 songs worth. The more the better. We’ll take links to band pages, or download links.
  • Let us know if we can publish a song with the review.
  • We may contact you prior to the review to get additional information or images.
  • Here’s that link to the contact page.

That’s all there is to it! Be sure to share this page with anyone else you may know who makes great music that you feel should be highlighted at Guitar-Muse.com


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