Innovative Guitar: Rock Beyond The Boundaries Starring Rob Balducci

Rob Balducci

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Rob BalducciInnovative Guitar: Rock Beyond The Boundaries is a brand spanking new instructional video hosted by Rob Balducci and is available exclusively on demand at  For $24.99 you get a two hour video which is divided into 7 chapters.  The video itself is labeled intermediate to advanced, so brand new guitarists aren’t part of the target demographic here.

As for the specific content you’ll get, I’ll give you the Reader’s Digest version.

The video is kick started with an introduction by Steve Vai himself.

Chapter 1 covers tuning, pre-playing warm ups, posture, playing with continuity, and confidence

Chapter 2 hits on exercises and warm ups to stretch your hands and to help develop your picking and fretting techniques.

Chapter 3 will grant you access to traditional scale shapes and three note per string diatonic patterns, all in the key of C, as well as guides to approach scales laterally and the application of legato and string skipping technique along the way.  And for good measure he covers altered dominant and extended pentatonic scales.

Chapter 4 nails arpeggios down with expansive coverage on diatonic arpeggios and three string diatonic arpeggios, both in the key of C, as well as flying arpeggios, string skipping applications, and applying arpeggios in a musical context.

Chapter 5 has technique and solo exercises in store for us with tips on playing outside the box, using the wah pedal, vibrato and bending, the whammy bar, octaves, and some diminished arpeggios.

Chapter 6 covers chords.  Morphing chords and various voicings and progressions.

Chapter 7 delivers a look into song writing and melody with instructions on building melody through humming and embellishing a melody.

And because Rob Balducci is just plain awesome there’s a bonus performance at the end to round it all off.

That’s a pretty abridged version of what all you get there.  $24.99 for two hours of a crapload of in depth instruction which can be immediately downloaded from Rock House Method straight to the deepest, darkest threshold of your hard drive and can be carried off on a flash drive to be played on any computer with Quick Time or a compatible player if you’ve got the codecs for it.

But wait.  There’s more.

Rock House has a bit of a thing going with all of the videos in their catalog and Innovative Guitar is no different.  Each lesson comes with tablature, backing tracks, a tuner, and a metronome which can be accessed through their web browser player.  And if you happen to be reading this and you’ve never used Rock House’s services before then you can knock off a quick $5 if you use the promo code “ROCK5OFF” when you order.  That, of course, is as of this writing.  I’m not exactly a Rock House employee so I don’t know how indefinite that promotion is.

In summary Innovative Guitar: Rock Beyond The Boundaries is a great, solid dose of information and instruction from the beastly guitarist Rob Balducci.  Is there really anything more that you could want?

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