Introducing the Pigtronix Infinity Delay Looper Pedal

One looper to rule them all.

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A Sneak Peek Behind Curtain Number 1

Pigtronix has been lifting the veil on what they have in store for the upcoming Winter NAMM. One thing you can expect to see at their booth is the new Infinity Looper stereo looping pedal. It’s a top tier looper pedal armed to the teeth with any feature you could need out of a looper pedal.

The Infinity Looper in Greater Detail

One looper to rule them all.
The Pigtronix Infinity Looper looping electric guitar pedal effect

So what makes the Infinity Looper such a hot chunk of gear? Well, for one this American made piece of hardware records in 24 bit, 48 kHz HD quality which is possibly the best combination of processing and recording quality in one pedal with full analog limiters and analog pass through. Also included is MIDI syncronization

The Infinity Looper, as mentioned above, is a full stereo looper with two separate inputs that can be used to record a stereo loop or you could plug two separate instruments in and make loops while jamming on the fly.

The looper is controlled by two separate recording foot switches for separate dubbing tracks. You can set it up so that both loops will play simultaneously and even with varying lengths, or so they can switch back and forth like sections of a song, and because the the near annihilation of latency there isn’t any quantization and you don’t have to wait for the loop to end to hit the switch to change the loops. Just hit the switch when you want to change and it changes. Boom. Done.

Did that last dub over suck? Was it off by a single 1/64 note and for the life of you it’s just throwing you off? Fortunately the Infinity Popper has an undo / redo option that removes or reintroduces the last dub you threw in there.

When it’s available to the public the Infinity Looper will fetch a price of $299.

Let’s Talk Storage

The Infinity Looper includes an 8 gig memory card giving you up to about 2 hours of recorded material on tap. If that manages to not be enough space for you this pedal utilizes USB capabilities to their fullest potential allowing you to move loops onto your computer for later use or even load anything you like onto the Infinity Looper.

Pigtronix at NAMM

If you happen to be going to NAMM out in Anaheim, California then you have the upper hand if you want a good firsthand impression on what the Infinity Looker can do and how it sounds. Pigtronix will be residing at booth #5218 where we can see the Infinity Looper and more of the gear that put them on the map. You should definitely drop everything to swing by their booth and check them out.  Trust me.  It’s gonna be awesome.

More From Pigtronix

We’ve crossed paths with Pigtronix a time or two already, which is why we can vouch for the quality they put into their equipment. Resident writer and tweak-aholic Adam Jazairi had written reviews for Pigtronix’s Echolution delay pedal and their newer Fat Drive distortion pedal.

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