Introduction to Chords – Major Chords and Some Theory Rambling

Major Guitar Chords Chart

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Welcome ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, people of all ages to this psychological thriller the Guitar Muse staff as decreed a pretty good video on chords and chord theory.

Today our fearless protagonist wards off false information and sets the record straight with his “take no prisoners” plan and gives a speech that would make Patton proud… or turn in his grave.

The picture seen here is a chart of five different major chord shapes.

All the green dots are root notes and all the purple dots are accompanying notes. Each of these shapes is completely moveable so you can make them anywhere on the neck and you’ll be playing a Major chord.

Neat isn’t it?

While I’m sorry to confess that this chart is lacking appropriate fingering suggestions therein lies the strategy behind chords. Choosing fingering is like playing a game of pool in that you want to set yourself up for your next move. Fortunately most of them are very self explanatory, but it’s always fun to goof around and see what you can do.

As I’d said in the video the only way to get good with chords is practice.

There are five chords below, but if you break them up into two at a time and just practice slowly going back and forth while your mind drifts off into the chorridors of absent mindedness it will come through easily. The key element is to go slowly and when you feel your fingers resist what you want them to do pause for a moment, relax your hand, and move them one at a time into the right spot. Being able to move quickly will come as a side effect of doing this properly so don’t rush it… unless you’re cool with sounding like turd.

Major Guitar Chords Chart
Major Guitar Chords Chart - Click to Enlarge

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need to know how to get up with you need blues lessons

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