It’s Guitar-Muse’s EHX Crying Tone Holiday Giveaway

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The Guitar-Muse Holiday Giveaway

Welcome back, everyone, to yet another enthralling installment of our giveaway segments. Just because Christmas is done and over with that doesn’t mean it’s not time to stop with the gift giving. What say you to a bit of a post-Christmas giveaway?

Who doesn’t love a good opportunity to get a free piece of gear anyway?

What Are We Giving Away?

Perhaps you can recall a time not too long ago from now when our own writer Dave Willard had reviewed the EHX Crying Tone moving part-free expression pedal. Well now that very pedal can be yours for the low low price of absolutely nothing. Well. With the exception of a tidbit of your time and a modest ration of your creative juices, but more on that later.

EHX’s Crying Tone expression pedal is designed to offer an expression pedal that doesn’t wear down from moving parts and ultimately break down on you. Its beveled bottom allows you to move it up and down as freely and smoothly as the day you bought it. By the powers of the same technology that aids your iPhone and iPad the Crying Tone is able to affect the tone depending on the angle rather than the designs in the circuitry.

What Do You Have To Do?

It’s quite simple. You may or may not have noticed that recently we have opened up an official Guitar-Muse forum. There is coincidentally a link to it at the top of the page. All you have to do is go to the forum, make an account, and go to this page right here and share with all of us what your new year’s resolution is going to be in the designated thread.

The only criteria is it has to be involving the guitar, so you can’t pass off your annual commitment to quit smoking as an acceptable resolution. That won’t work any more than my resolution to break steel poles in half with a headbutt, so don’t bother with that. The second part is that we don’t really have anything defined as to what we’re looking for. We just want to see something clever, different, original, creative, funny, honest, or any mixture of all of those. That’s really pretty much it.

I would like to add that if you post your resolution anywhere but the designated thread it won’t be considered, so make sure it’s where it’s supposed to be.

The contest will run up through January 15th, so don’t procrastinate too much.

The Guitar-Muse Forum

The Guitar-Muse forum is the next step for us as we push the site forward into the future. As we creep into 2013 our site, while still in its young and formative years, has experienced a lot of changes from subtle background tweaks to keep pesky spammers at bay to full blown makeovers. Now we’re introducing a forum for guitarists of all types to gather and talk shop about anything that interests them from amp repairs to guitar upgrades, from song writing tips to showing off that killer new song you just wrote called “Break Dancing Buddhists”. Whatever you want. It’s all in the name of guitars, so go nuts.


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