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Jackson Guitars has been in the industry of making their own home grown guitars for over forty years now. Guitars made to suit the needs of just about any guitarist, raised on a nutritious diet, and high in vitamin C. Now Jackson has bred a whole new line of guitars via the powers of genetic splicing. And by genetic splicing I mean power tools and wood.

That new line of guitars is the Jackson Custom Select. Jackson’s most prestigious line of guitars, deserving of as many $10 words to define their purity as any picture of myself, and best played with red wine over white. And with ten new models you get your pick of the litter from new Kellys, Rhoads, Soloists, King Vs, and more.

Now enough stalling. Let’s look at some guitars.

The Guitars

JCS KE2 Kelly

There are two new Kelly models in the Custom Select series. The first one – the Vanilla Shake – is an alder guitar finished with a gloss urethane. It uses quartersawn maple for the neck-through design with a rosewood fretboard adorned with a single shark fin inlay at the twelfth fret. Should the mood hit you just right and you want to hear this thing at excruciating volume levels you will be hearing the guitar thrigh a set of Seymour Duncan humbuckers. More specifically a JB TB4 in the bridge position and a Jazz SH2N in the neck position. The gold plated hardware includes Jackson’s own die-cast tuners, and a Floyd Rose Original Double Locking 2-point tremolo.

This guitar holds an MSRP of $4,140.

The next Kelly is the Midnight Wine. To the untrained eye these guitars might not readily present much difference, but I assure you they have their own characteristics. This model is built of alder with a maple neck-through, and an ebony fretboard with shark fin inlays all through the neck. This Kelly also features a set of EMG active humbuckers – an 81 by the bridge and an 85 by the neck. The black hardware includes Jackson’s die-cast tuners and a Floyd Rose Original Double Locking 2-Point tremolo.

This one’s MSRP is $3,900.

JCS RR1 Randy Rhoads

In the wonderful world of Randy Rhoads guitars Jackson has introduced not one, not two, but three new models.

Let’s start this off with the RR1 Black and Tan. Here we have an alder guitar, quartersawn maple neck-through, and ebony fretboard. The RR1 comes with Seymour Duncan humbuckers – JB TB4 by the bridge and Jazz SH2N by the neck – as well as Jackson’s die-cast tuners and a Floyd Rose Original Double Locking 2-Point tremolo.

The MSRP is $3,910.

The next two models, the RR1T guitars, come in either Blue Ice or Dark Racing Green. Both guitars share nearly the same specs as the RR1 mentioned above from the woods to the pickups. The main difference is the replacement of the Floyd Rose for Jackson’s adjustable string-through-body V tail piece. Also worth mentioning, the hardware for the Blue Ice is chrome while the Dark Racing Green is gold.

Both models’ MSRP is $3,910.

JCS SL1 Soloist

Jackson has also unveiled two Soloist SL1 models. More or less the models are the same save for the paint finish. In the left corner we have Satin Graphite – the model colored using a thousand pencils for a true graphite finish. In the right corner we have Platinum Pink – an almost effeminate finish, this is the same hue as the pink Starbursts, which are awesome. That means this finish isn’t girly at all.

Both models use alder, quartersawn neck-through, and ebony. All three pickups are Seymour Duncan. The bridge holds a JB TB4 humbucker while the neck and middle are both Classic Stacks. Finishing it off is the Jackson die-cast tuners and the Floyd Rose Original tremolo.

The Graphite guitar’s MSRP is $3,750 while the Pink’s is $4,150.

JCS SL2H Soloist

The third Soloist, the SL2H Dakota Red, that uses alder with a maple neck-through and maple neck decorated with black dot inlays. The Seymour Duncan JB TB4 and Jazz SH2N humbuckers make their return in the bridge and neck positions respectively. Jackson die-cast tuners and the Floyd Rose Original tremolo also make their return.

The MSRP is $3,990.

The final Soloist would be the Transparent Root Beer SL2H. This model gets a bit more of a red carpet treatment with the alder body decorated with an AAAA quilted maple top. The quartersawn neck-through and ebony fretboard return along with mother-of-pearl shark fin inlays. The humbuckers are Seymour Duncan – a JB TB4 residing by the bridge and a 59 SH1N by the neck- and the gold plated hardware includes Jackson die-cast tuners and a Floyd Rose Original tremolo.

The MSRP is $4,200.

JCS KV2 King V

Finally we have the Whiteout King V. Here we have a guitar made of alder with the quartersawn maple neck-through, and ebony fretboard. The matching white humbuckers are a set of EMG actives. An 81 hangs out in the bridge position while an 85 relaxes by the neck. The chrome hardware covers Jackson die-cast tuners and a Floyd Rose Original.

The MSRP is $3,950.

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