Jackson Guitars: New Seven and Eight-String USA Models

Jackson B8 Walnut Stain

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Jackson’s Latest Baritone Guitars

As the industry of the guitar pushes forward seven-string guitars have become the new six-string and eight-stringers have come in to offer access to even deeper tones and greater versatility on the neck. Now Jackson’s introducing new models for the realm of the guitarist to get tones that come in varieties of deep and deeper.

Jackson presents four new B7 seven-string and four new B8 USA Select eight-string guitars.

The B7 Models


Jackson B7 Au Natural
Jackson B7 Au Natural

The first B7 is the standard model. It features a beveled alder body – some finishes which include a flamed maple top – with a bolt-on quartersawn maple neck with graphite reinforcement and an ebony fretboard to pretty it up. With twenty-four jumbo frets on a 12”-16” radius fretboard its scale length reaches up to 27 inches. The strings are tethered down with a set of Gotoh cast tuners and a Jackson HT7 string-through hardtail bridge.

It uses a set of Direct Mount DiMarzio D Activator 7 DP720 humbuckers in both the neck and bridge positions. They are controled by the three-way toggle switch, master volume, and master tone knobs. This model is available in Walnut Stain, Au Natural, Satin Black, and Satin Gray and holds an MSRP of $2,666.65.


The B7MG features the same overall setup as the standard model. An alder body, maple neck, and an ebony fretboard decorated with the Jackson HT7 hardtail bridge and Gotoh cast tuners. The humbuckers are the big difference on this model. In the bridge position an EMG 81-7 active humbucker resides while an EMG 707 humbucker has taken residence by the neck.

This model also comes in the same finishes and fetches an MSRP of $2,666.65.

The B7 and B7MG Deluxe

Both Deluxe models share great similarities with the already discussed. The pickups used, the hardware, and the wood choices remain the same. The key difference is the Deluxe models feature neck-through construction. The price difference garners an MSRP of $2,933.32.

The B8 Models

Jackson B8 Walnut Stain
Jackson B8 Walnut Stain

By now I’m sure you’re seeing the pattern. The B8 models feature a lot of the same specs, so I’m going to focus on the primary differences here and less time repeating myself. The B8 model’s pickups are a set of DiMarzio D Activator 8 DP820 humbuckers while the B8MG uses a set of EMG 808 humbuckers in both positions. The Deluxe models features the same sturdy neck-through construction as the B7 models.

All B8 models feature the Satin Black, Satin Gray, Au Natural, and Walnut Stain finishes. The base models share the suggested retail price of $2,666.65 while the Deluxe models sit at $2,933.32.

Video Demos

Want a sample of what to expect? Watch these videos.

B7 Models

B8 Models

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