Jackson Guitars: The Professional Versions Of The Soloist And Dinky Pro Series.

Jackson DK2MQ Pro Dinky

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Jackson Pro Series Gets an Add-On

The Current Events of Jackson Guitars has been expanding their Pro Series with relentless and fearless ambition and by the sweat of their brows the staff has added eight new models to the series. Today we’re looking at the new Dinky and Soloist models, the DK2M, DK2MQ, SL2, and SL2Q.

DK2MQ Pro Dinky

Jackson DK2MQ Pro Dinky
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Let’s start with the DK2MQ Pro. Here we have a guitar that has a body sculpted out of alder with a quilted maple top, a 24-fret maple neck with either a maple or a rosewood fretboard. If you find you’re the type of guitarist that likes plugging his or her electric guitars into an amp you’ll find the pair of Seymour Duncan Zebra humbuckers will come in handy in hearing the guitar. The neck has a 59 SH1N while the bridge has a JB TB4.

The tuners are of die-cast Jackson make while the bridge is a recessed Floyd Rose FRT-O2000 double-locking tremolo. The DK2MQ has three alternatives for your aesthetic pleasure including the blueish chlorine burst, the darker transparent black, and the fiery transparent red.

DK2M Pro

Jackson DK2M Pro
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The second Dinky, the DK2M uses alder for the body and bails on the top wood. It uses a 24-fret maple neck with either a maple or a rosewood fretboard. This Dinky, like the first one, uses the Seymour Duncan humbuckers (the JB TB4 bridge and the 59 SH1N neck) as does it with the die-cast Jackson tuners and the Floyd Rose FRT-O2000 tremolo. This guitar is available in satin black, snow white, and silverburst.

SL2 Pro Soloist

Jackson SL2 Pro Soloist
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The First Soloist we’re looking at is the SL2 Pro. You know what makes this guitar incredible? It’s built out of alder. That’s right. Real alder. Not that cheap Brand X imitation crap. This is the kind of alder that puts hair on your chest. And it’s smothered with either a quicksilver finish or a satin black finish.

Anyway. It also uses a maple neck with an ebony fretboard with alumiloid piranha inlays. The pickups are Seymour Duncan humbuckers. In the bridge position there is a JB TB4 and in the neck position lies a 59 SH1N. Jackson’s own die-cast tuners are used along with the Floyd Rose FRT-O2000 double-locking tremolo.

SL2Q Pro Soloist

Jackson SL2Q Pro Soloist
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Meet the SL2Q Pro Soloist. This guitar takes the first Soloist mentioned and makes it even better. It uses alder for the body, but it doesn’t stop there. Right on top is a slab of quilted maple. The neck is maple with an ebony fretboard decorated with the alumiloid piranha inlays.

If you happen to get the crazy idea of actually hearing your playing you can just use the Seymour Duncan humbuckers crammed in the guitar. If the neck is your thing you’ll be using a 59 SH1N. If you fancy the bridge sound you’ve got the JB TB4 on your side. For the needs of tuning your guitar Jackson’s die-cast tuners are lodged in the headstock while a Floyd Rose FRT-O2000 tremolo hangs out in the body patiently awaiting your dives and windmills.

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