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Mark Morton Signature Dominion

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A Look At Lamb Of God Guitarist’s Signature Jackson Dominion Guitars

Lamb of God guitarist Mark Morton has a couple of signature Jackson Dominion guitars available at an internet retailer near you. Possibly even a store near you, but since I don’t know how the demographic charts read in your neck of the woods I can’t say for certain. That’s all secondary to our concerns right now because get this. Mark Morton has a pair of signature Jackson guitars. Talk about something that’s infinitely more interesting than demographic charts.

Mark Morton Dominion

Mark Morton Signature Dominion
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The first Dominion comes as a chambered mahogany guitar with a quilted maple top. The neck is neck-through mahogany with an ebony fretboard. The fret spans 22 frets with a scale of 24.75 inches and features shark eye block inlays. It comes with two Seymour Duncan 59 humbuckers in both the neck and bridge positions and they’re toggled by a 3-way switch and a second 2-way mini-toggle coil splitter that can either split the bridge or the neck humbuckers up. The bridge is a Schaller 456 adjustable bridge with an anchored tailpiece and the tuners are Sperzel locking pearloid buttoned tuners.

It is available in the four colors bourbon burst, old school burst, river bed, and wine drunk and fetches a street price of about $1,599.99.

Mark Morton D2 Dominion

Mark Morton Signature Dominion D2
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The D2 Dominion is the more accessible model of the two. The chambered body has been replaced with a nato body and has a quilted maple veneer top. The neck has also been replaced with bolt-on construction and uses maple with a rosewood fretboard instead and bails on the fancy inlays for the simple taste of dots. Still the fretboard goes up to 22 frets like the first guitar mentioned.

The D2 comes with two Seymour Duncan designed HB-101 humbuckers. The bridge humbucker features Trembucker spacing meaning the poles in the pickup are spaced just a little bit wider than the neck pickup. The 3-way switch works the same here as well, though the D2 does not come with the mini-toggle switch for coil splitting.

On top of all of that it comes in two riveting shades of black. One version is solid black and the other transparent black. The SMRP price sits comfortably at $666.65.

Mark Morton

Mark Morton has been playing a wide variety of Jackson guitars for several years now having played various Randy Rhoads, King Vs, Warriors, and Soloists to name a few, though the Dominion models are his first actual signature model. Currently Morton is touring with Lamb of God through South America and Europe still to get the word out about their album Resolution that was released earlier this year.

On the side Morton has been tinkering on a long-ambiguous side project with Dez Fafara and Kevin Talley that has recently been announced as Born of the Storm. A couple of songs have been recorded and released, but past that details are quite sparse.

And it’s on this and future tours and this upcoming project that we can all hear these signature guitars of his really at work.

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