Jackson Zoraxe Guitar

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Zoraxe Guitar
Zoraxe Guitar
Zoraxe Guitar

Ok.  I’m gonna basically showcase how big of a raging nerd I am.  Over a decade ago a video game was released.  A game called The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask.  In this game there was a race of aquatic creatures known as Zoras, one of which played a guitar dubbed the Zoraxe.

I can remember thumbing through the then recent issue of Nintendo Power and along came a two page ad for a contest Nintendo was holding.  I forget the specific details about the contest, but I never forgot the reward.  The reward was a 7-string guitar modeled after the guitar used in the video game built by Jackson.

There aren’t many of these in existence.  I’ve read/heard varying numbers from three to seven, but I think the mutual concensus is there aren’t very many and the bridge crossed to acquire one would involve the spending of a large sum of money.

As for the guitar itself details are incredibly scarce.  The ones in existence were all hand carved and by default are slightly different from the others and are also numbered.  It has but one pickup and a single volume knob.  Not exactly a setup for a wide range of tones, but I’m guessing the guitar wasn’t built to be played.


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