Jerry Cantrell JC95 Signature Crybaby Wah Pedal (video)

Jerry Cantrell JC95 Signature Wah Pedal

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Jerry Cantrell JC95 Signature Wah Pedal
Jerry Cantrell JC95 Signature Wah Pedal

Well, it seems we’re dedicating quite a bit of time to the Crybaby Wah this month, from the giveaway which ended on the first of the month to this – the version of the Wah Pedal that carries Jerry Cantrell’s own custom modifications. Jerry favors the heel down range of the wah, where the vocal range is found, and most of his wah usage reflects that preference. The folks at Jim Dunlop gave this pedal the option to stay in that range, while allowing him to use the full physical range (sweep) of the pedal, freeing him up considerably. But they did this without creating a pedal that’s limited – on the contrary, they extended its range. They also added a knob on the side to adjust the range of the wah, from a very dark sound all the way up to a normal wah sound. Here is a videowith Jerry telling the story of his Wah usage, from the beginning, all the way up to the present day signature Jerry Cantrell Wah Pedal. Also Bobby Cedro, senior engineer at Dunlop talks about his input on this amazing wah.


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