Jimmy Page – Death Wish II Collector’s Edition LP

Jimmy Page - Death Wish II Album Cover

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Well tomorrow’s December 1st. I suppose a lot of people could be reading this for the first time on December 1st, so I could say today. How about that. First couple of sentences and I’ve already derailed.

The point I’m getting at is December 1st marks the release of Jimmy Page‘s exceptionally limited Death Wish II Collector’s Edition LP, and Jimmy Page is rolling out the red carpet and setting up the velvet ropes for this occasion.

Jimmy Page - Death Wish II Album Cover
Jimmy Page - Death Wish II

Firstly what you’re getting out of the deal is the original soundtrack to Death Wish II, the Charles Bronson movie from 82, on heavyweight 12″ vinyl. All artwork has been updated and there are 2011 sleeve notes written by Jimmy Page introduced here. There will also be a sum of previously unreleased material included because Jimmy loves you.

Secondly when I said this is exceptionally limited I wasn’t kidding. There are only 1,000 copies available and they’re divided into two categories. Signed and unsigned. There are only 30 signed copies and they’re available for 195 British pounds. In US dollars that’s about $306. If you’re looking to get more than one thing for Christmas this year the unsigned copies are only 30 pounds or $47.

Lastly if you’re wanting to get your grimy mitts on a copy you’ll need to consult jimmypage.com where the LP will be sold exclusively. The store to purchase Death Wish II will be made public on December 1st, and will be blatantly placed at the top of his web site so you can’t miss it. Shipping will also tack on an extra 10 pounds for UK or 15 ($23) pounds internationally. If you’re reading this from a country that doesn’t embrace pounds or US dollars, then sorry. I’m not going to translate to every currency out there. You’ll have to convert it into rupees or whatever on your own.

These things are most likely going to be gone faster than you can say “Wow. They’re gone already,” so if you’re considering grabbing one you may want to make a wicked impulse buy. No reserves and only one copy per customer.

On a side note, humorously one of the reasons Death Wish II’s soundtrack has been released again is because Page had longed for the day where the soundtrack would be “available again.” Personally I don’t think that a maximum of 1,000 copies counts as available again, but what do I know? If you’re dead set on having a copy of Death Wish II you can always scope EBay for previous releases or pray that Amazon offers the MP3s sometime in the future.

On the topic of Jimmy Page, the once ever-present guitar legend’s current affairs are as low key as you’d think given how little you hear of him these days. He still plays shows here and there, some of which have been recorded, and just recently a campaign to have him knighted for his contributions to music as a composer, a producer, and a performer. I imagine it will be fairly present in the news if/when that happens, so we’ll probably have something to say when that day rolls around. In the meantime keep this trigger fingers on the mouse button for Death Wish II bright and early in the morning.

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